Approximate plan of action to seduce men

Preliminary stage

1. Decide
2. Two weeks to decide again
3. Notify relatives
4. frighten its decision

The preparatory phase

1. Prepare the object to seduction (action performed by the subject - calls, meetings, dinners ...)
2. Prepare yourself for seduction (and so everything is in order)

The main stage

1. Four days before the act of seduction to search through all the cabinets and chests of drawers in search of a suitable set of clothes. From found reject all
2. Go to the shops to buy clothes
3. Open yourself with half the road - not a woman thing - to buy clothes
4. Around the house think that stockings still need
5. Go to the store and spend two hours shoe department
6. Go back home and forget about his decision
7. On the day of X all remember with horror
8. wash, anoint and brush feathers.
9. Once again, comb feathers
10. Stop nervously prichёsyvat feathers
11. Call the unfortunate, and he still does not know that you have a meeting today
12. Change Your Mind
13. Change Your Mind again
14. Wear stockings (to be home) and shoes
15. Again revise linen. Nervously cry
16. remeasure all that was under his hand. Stay unsatisfied
17. Change Your Mind
18. Drink champagne
19. Well, because there is absolutely nothing to wear
20. Find the previous idea of ​​genius and nothing to wear
21. Drink more champagne
22. covered with pimples
23. Wait for the machine
24. Make him wait another ten minutes until you try to put a miniature handbag clothes, dress, makeup, mobile phone, money and keys from an apartment
25. Put on a coat. Stay unsatisfied
25. Try a fur coat. To stay even more unsatisfied
26. Again, put on a coat and all spit
27. Get out of the apartment. Stumbling six times
28. Going from the entrance to the car to try to not wander, do not fall down and not open the coat
29. Sit in the car
30. Relax
31. Allow a field coat slide with knee
32. And now let worries OH!


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