What happens if the head of the country throw a shoe?

Saakashvili: Seeing flying in his shoes, hiding under the table and out of all the alerts present on the termination of speech "in view of the sudden change in the situation." Security squeezes all of the premises.

Lukashenko: dodge shoes. Security takes opposition by the hand and leads us to the president. Lukashenko asks "What are you unhappy?", Listen to answers, and begins to tell how much he has done to improve the lives of the people and prosperity of Belarus. Ashamed opposition withdraws protection.

Nazarbayev: dodge the shoe runs to rebel and personally beat him by a guard.

Bush: Turns away, then said: "The shoe was a tenth the size!" Rushing boot takes safety and breaks his arm.

Putin: Catches of shoes on the fly and throws back the aggressor gets between the eyes. Then it leads to security, and nothing more is known about him.

Medvedev: bends, so that the boot flies over him, saying, "Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion ...". Bully takes guard, the next day he was fired from his job.

Obama: Not had time to take off shoes figligana catch ohrantsy and endure at the hands of the room. All believe that a person became ill.

Hu (Hu): At the entrance to the building staff botinkonositelya psychic secret police notices suspicious activity mental, security delays within a radius of 10 m to ascertain the circumstances.

Yushchenko: Gets a boot in the face, and then blames Rushing shoes that he was "an agent of the Kremlin," and wanted to "undermine the independence of Ukraine." Tymoshenko supporters of the oncoming and begin to chant slogans antiyuschenkovskie.

Pratibha Patil (woman President of India): Catches carefully thrown shoe on the fly, presses it to his chest, and began to sing and dance. Security leads dance shoes rushing around, who also sings and dances.


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