Vigilant friend

Sometimes we joke. Sometimes on this smeyutsya.Inogda someone trying to breed. And sometimes, a man without knowing it and joked and planted. Inadvertently.
Two friends went on a business trip to Italy. The day before returning home, they had a free time, and they went to the store to shop, wanted to buy gifts for family, well, for something (like time was the season of sales).
Stumbled upon a small shoe shop with good shoes and a good discount. And so it was that sunk them the same shoes. Sorry, this model has only one color, so they became the owners of the same brand of shoes, even the dimensions match.
Came to the hotel, and while the first one was in the shower, the second came very funny idea slightly dilute it. And he changed his shoes so that he is now in the package was a pair of right shoes, and from a friend - a couple left. Returned home the next morning, the second meets the first to work in the new shoes. Looks, and he has everything as it should be, right shoe - on his right leg, the left - on the left.
Second is surprised: "Hey, that's impossible, I changed my shoes, you had two left in the box, and I have - the right shoes!" And the first says: "In the morning, the day of our departure, I noticed that both the left shoe, thought that the store mixed. Well, while you were asleep, I went to the store and changed it to a normal pair! »

That's how the initiator of divorce won the right pair of shoes.


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