Social bread as ballast

We love showing off. That's not feed bread - and dust in the eyes let let. Especially when this same question just bread and concerns. And with the poor electorate relations support necessary. Especially because of the poor is something just popribavilos. And the decline in purchasing power is not a secret.
But it would be desirable to eat in spite of the general economic condition of the country. So jealous glances people on such factors as the price of social bread, the price of travel and other everyday little things that at the very bottom of the economic and social ladder leave a very significant part of the budget. Lord powers that be great enough to understand it and regularly pathetically exclaim: "Do not allow to raise! On what basis? And give us the economic justification for raising prices! "And if the carriers to resolve its own kitchen, then the issue of sustenance everything was decided (already) is quite simple. And really - why head to break. Just make sure that people voluntarily refused to buy social class and not to subsidize unprofitable production segment.
Only in the past year decreased consumption of cheaper varieties by 11% totally banal reason - deterioration. At the same time we should not think that the bread became less buy a whole. The premium segment increased by 28%. Because there is the quality level and pricing policy of the state does not intervene.
That's how simply and unpretentiously solve real economic task - and bran feed the people, kind of like a promise while performing, and smooth relations with manufacturers support it. It is clear also that produce a certain amount of the production is unprofitable. Well, the quality ... Eat, not grass. So Long


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