Myocardial on bread shelf

A week ago, I had the topic "Social bread as ballast." On the quality of the product itself, which is a couple of years very well, much worse.
Final line quote (itself can be, I think): "Well, the quality ... Eat, not grass. While ยป.
Ask a question - and get an answer. Someone still pecked cock, and here there are some publications:
It turns out that not everything is so innocuous. That is, as of strychnine nobody falls, but even in the medium term - the bomb did not really even in slow motion. And the radius of destruction - all the poor. They and so health is not so hot, and now on top of this ax so on temechku. Heart attacks and strokes - it's not funny. Not once.
If we reject excessive diplomacy, such a policy is very smacks of genocide. Since it is doubtful that bread producers do not know what they are doing. It is clear that they put in the interesting position of power structures, which are flirting with the electorate, want to keep the price of bread. At the same time, monitoring, what on the surface (the same price), not very steamed about the hardware.
And it turns out that the ballast is no longer social bread (as an intermediary), and those same people who consume the bread. I do not mistake?


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