I decided to cook dumplings for lunch. To add flavor, I thought up to put a bay leaf. Searching on the shelf, I found some dried leaves. Deciding that this is something that is necessary, thrown into the pot. In the end, it turned out dumplings flavored eucalyptus. He ate and cried, gentlemen, and I felt koala!
© Alexander Pankevich

Lydia Raevskaya
Yes? And you'll never grandma soup cooked with stock cubes, bouillon are not at all, and laxative Regulaks, damn it damn marketers! ©

Yyyy, of course, the atoms have befriended his father once teeth brushed hair removal cream, then came into the kitchen and swears what crappy paste does not foam, do not rinse, and my mother is so quiet "Paste ended yesterday ...")))) < br /> ***
The husband of my friend took a few weeks of her headache pill)) could not get enough, they help
I once came in the summer and all lathered headlong into the kitchen to drink some water. Lo and behold, we'll see, on the table in plain view with a cup of water. Her Well, I, my dear, in one gulp. Toward the end of the volley crept thought that this is thicker than water ... And when frothing at the mouth gone, give, I think, my wife ... And then call rehydron drank saline drank himself some slipped ... but that so! .. From whinny wife isolate that is hydrogen peroxide. To ask the question, with a peroxide in a cup? In the kitchen? - It was reported that this pipette for washing. Quick introduction to the subject in the annals of the network has prompted an urgent call an ambulance. Arrived tired Uzbek doctor before you make a compulsory rinsing under pressure, with a distinctive accent inquired, with his wife relationship and how? We do not quarrel? Can the police? ... Has done like. So you daddies is not over, do not mock. We have simple reflexes, if the table is in a cup of drink, if the food is in the refrigerator, ...


I have a terrible fellow coffee lover, sometimes for the night shift 100 grams. Bank of drinks. House coffee had always buckets. And then, all of a sudden. messy, I rushed some coffee to drink, but no! Well, that is all. Decided chifirnut grief, but as in the names of not strong tea, tea is picked in the most beautiful jar on a shelf zhoninoy. Tired of the steep Chifirok and have diarrhea ... 2 days as many eyes were sunken. Even happened to rise push will smoke on the balcony and immediately back. And it also does the clock could not get out. Chifirok of tea for weight loss, Chinese, cooked!

And once I body oil has mixed with shampoo. I was 15 years old, every imported infection only began to appear, and I did basically the smell different: if the bathroom is and it smells delicious, so hair amiss. Lew, head, and I can not understand anything: liquid and mylitsya all. Half a bottle of exhausted, spat on the case. I decided that this shampoo is just special. Dried head and hair hanging like icicles. I went to my mother to find out what kind of crap she was standing on a shelf. It was she who opened my eyes and. Three days of trying to wash her hair. It was a quality oil. Since then I decided to teach languages ​​

I have a good grandmother once instead drops from a cold in my nose dripped iodine

As a freshman for February 23 was endowed with one cloves, which has put in a bottle of vodka under the capital. When in the morning at our door burst pyanuschy neighboring pyatikursnik shouting "Who servicemen nalёt, the f ... dy ogrebёt not!". Carnation was quickly vynnuta and faceted glass filled with water from the flower. A little ... oh, having eaten from such generosity, man toast, he drank a gulp and passed a couple of steps down from the words & quot; This pi ... dec how much !!! & quot; Removal of the corridor four!

And I once kompotik girlfriend decided to drink that her mother cooked, but do not know, my dear, that her grandmother Urinotherapy treated. I picked up and brought me already poured a glass of "kompotik" ... Swallow swallowed, but the taste is learned.

I once shaving cream brush your teeth. Foam was ...

And it was, I then worked as a teacher of architecture. He came to the department in the morning, went to drink tea laborantskuyu. Watching electric kettle already poured. Rejoiced included, brewed bag, turned on the computer, wait until cool down a bit and drank a sip of ... Good, very much wanted to drink. Barely Buckets ran up - spit. It turned out that on the eve of caring girl decided to clean the scum in a teapot and poured the night to spec. cleaning agent.

As a child, my mother decided she put me to the banks (remember such a thing as suckers) ... plastered back with sunflower oil and set fire to a jar ... deliver, and the fire is not something that is not extinguished, and the like to do ... on the back ... Thank God put out, no trace remains but the roar was - fucked! My mother wept as the beluga, I'm not stuck what was happening, but sobbed for the order, and my father was running between the two of us and yelled that he had a heart attack right now is.

I woke up like that night at the kitchen table is a glass of milk I drank the sweet taste of a strange woman in the morning and asked where the milk that night she draw some child pokarmiv now I do not drink milk and

Ex-wife took the shampoo. On a shelf it was always a bunch of tubes. Read - shampoo. Well and shampoo. Head with a towel and wiped his hair became what is not clear. Do not head and boots. It turned out that this shampoo for hair removal

Navarro grandmother once borscht, garlic yes to green chop and left a pot on the stove. A great-grandmother, she was already 85, an old habit lingerie boil decided, also in a saucepan. While he is waiting for the laundry to boil, a nap. And then went to the kitchen asleep - laundry soap to boil clothes crumble: tёrochku got, soap piece, cover the pan with a generous hand and took off in the soup and rubbed ...

Well, no one cooler than me probably was not mistaken. Mama lying in the hospital. Hospitals have such that for postoperative care needed by immobile. Neither sleep nor eat or smoke to run on a human. And they brought me friends chekushku vodka, which is sometimes used as a sedative glonut. Well, I'm not stupid what not to Mom, the girl in the locker brokenness set. They are the way to a quiet hour at the throat, too, sipped, and I train once, abruptly, I spin, mother feed and other ... when the hands come down, then splashed into the cup. And ka-a-ak Makhno volley! ... Does anyone know how to make a solution of pressure sores? Alcohol shampoo and 1: 1. That's where they took the same chekushku colorless and shampoo? I thought I'll die on the spot.

As a child staying with aunts Yegorievsk. He returned from the country in districts. I look at the Cross kompotik stands in a saucepan. It was hot. I drank a couple of glasses. Third went. Not tasty and sweet. -krestn, spasibki for compote! Choate it a strange -durak! I soaked the dried fruit

Give me a recent Japanese liquid soap. A couple of weeks my hand, does not foam, which is strange, but it smells delicious. I think the Japanese, probably, new technology, and we the people of the third world the dark, to the bubbles are used to ... But no, it turned out that the two weeks of my hand cream is good that at least for the hands)

Once a prosoni, grabbed the tube, apply a brush, brush your teeth become - think of the taste of the toothpaste?!?!?! Read - foot cream triclosan !!!

I woke up once with a hangover of such sickly. Well and I wandered around the apartment and thought it would be nice for something to eat. Open the refrigerator, I found a pot, there is porridge. Ate, simultaneously wondering what my mother (well-prepared) a shitty mess cook. For it is not salty, and the meat tough. As it turned ate porridge cooked oatmeal for a cat of the moth, and scraps of cheap meat.

I once found a tea house "Mood" (I like green and herbal). On the flip side promised ease and good humor. Saw the whole week until the weekend did not come to visit, and this they brewing tea, she saw a small inscription "If constipation»))

It was once unemployment and poverty. And I decided to cook porridge. Millet. Pour into a saucepan cereals, washed three times refilled water, put on the stove. Swar. Added by vegetable oil. Eat. And I feel the teeth crunching. Straight vaot real crunch with every spoonful. Bitch! Sand! The water was full of sand. And I cried, ate and sand that crunched like God forgive the ancient Jew in the desert.

himself but struggled nothing remembered, but dad is my annealed couple of times - the first time when his back much sticking and my mother encouraged him to use candles diclofenac that were in the refrigerator, the void sumnyaschesya ate the rectal suppositories then indignant that in the pill such masljannye . the second time with makeup - like Old Man with age combed the hair back after taking a shower-bath and for greater durability hairstyles polzoval it is my mother's styling mousse puff them to comb, like this one, and smeared the head of foam for washing and then when my mother noticed that he facial wash to head off smears, that was the answer, "then I do not watch the hair are kept!»

During Prohibition dad drove samogonochku and once left unfinished bottle of dark brown glasses on a shelf in the refrigerator. I beguiled with soda and drank a few sips of good. )), This was my first encounter early-school-organism with alcohol

I remember a business trip had to live in rent an office ... Once I decided to wash my hair ... chose from standing tanks like the shampoo ... The past week ... I stand in the morning brush my teeth and I remember the delicious smell of shampoo hoping that today once again they will use ... I Read the inscription on the content: "Bee" - dishwashing detergent ...))))

Also remember))) the first year of residence in the capital, full of poverty. With a friend, a neighbor found by previous tenants 4 unnamed package of tea in the kitchen cupboard. Delighted find, boiled a kettle and made myself a cup of tea of ​​savory! As usual during the tea smoked 3 cigarettes (that hunger drown), but as hunger stifle still could not drown, decided to "rat" from other neighbors friends, who at that time were driving home from work drunk more of mug yes again with the smoke. At night I was awakened by the wild moose dancing in my stomach, the bullet jerked to the bathroom, found there his girlfriend in misfortune! So we were pushing each other until 5am with faience other.
Tea bags turned out to tea for weight loss, you want to take 3 tablespoons 3 times a day.
A delicious tea was, pineapple.

Grandmother friend caused himself peeling - face mask, minutes and five, at the dawn of perestroika, in white tube so ... It turned out - liquid grout tiles in the bathroom, such as sealant)) confused the words "antibakterial") grout prevents the appearance of mold in the seams of the bathroom )) notably pulled together! Removed solvent from the upper layer of the skin. The face - like a girl! Rosy is left ...))

And I'm just so his daughter was poisoned! In the morning completely forgotten that evening in the kettle descaling nalila.Horosho that the manufacturer proved economical, one citric acid it was. A child in the morning before school is capricious, and even lemon to her, you know, in case of too much! "Pei come quickly, not idle talk mother's nerves in the morning !!" Mother dear, when I realized what was happening, rushed to the school - to check whether all she was okay ?? Nothing ... With vitaminchiki probably benefit only went)))



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