10 superfoods for efficient purification of the arteries and prevent heart attacks!

To be healthy, the blood vessels should be okay! Plaque on the vessel wall and atherosclerotic plaque - a major cause of serious diseases such as heart attack and stroke. embolism also leads to coronary heart disease.

Needless to say that to avoid problems with the cardiovascular system may be due to the nutritious, healthy food! Every day we can become healthier just by eating certain foods. Natural substances in the body help them promptly cleaned of pollutants and accumulate them inside the vessels.

Quitting smoking and alcohol, weight reduction, a high level of physical activity, a well-planned diet - essential components of prevention atherosclerosis At any age, it works! Not a day without fruits and vegetables: a person's slogan, which does not threaten myocardial

Prevention ateroskleroza10 products for cleansing the arteries
Cauliflower and broccoli
Vitamin K is present in broccoli, helps the body to keep a normal cholesterol level. Dietary fiber contained in cauliflower, all contribute to the removal of harmful substances accumulated in the body for years, and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. Leeks, garlic, carrots - these vegetables also help the body to be cleaned. Having prepared a vegetable soup, you do the best preventive tool in the world!

Curcumin , present in spices, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis in 2 times with regular use of turmeric! In addition, it is very aromatic spice ...

Asparagus strengthens the immune system and returns to the fading life of the cell. Saponins, coumarins, asparagine, carbohydrate compounds, essential oils, nicotine and ascorbic acid in the composition to help it stay clean vessels.

It promotes weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels and boosting metabolism. Pinch of cinnamon in tea, coffee or any other drinks - an invaluable contribution to your health!


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