Motor rally against raising duties on cars in Yekaterinburg

Here and in Yekaterinburg was held to protest against the increase of customs duties on cars.
Motorists came out to protest against raising duties on used cars.
As planned, in the hour of the day the protesters gathered in the parking lot in the lane. Mendeleev.

Has gathered in the parking lot slowly people

all novopriezzhayuschih met police officers and awarded penalties

Police officers conducted a census of vehicles with slogans

Then the convoy moved along the route, but the parking lot the police did not want to produce cars

a few minutes later managed to leave the parking lot - went on Lenin Street, where every 100 metrovke waiting positions of the officers

drove generals. We fined for parking

rally moved back. in mashige traffic police, while placing a parking ticket appeals heard on the radio on the way to fix all to Drama Theatre
Which was done by police

Drive from the center to the OIP and back some worth 5 penalties



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