The vehicles that forever changed the industry

Over a hundred years of existence of the car industry has introduced such a huge number of models that can be studied for many years. Among all the abundance of technological solutions it is possible to find the car that became revolutionary for the entire industry. These models will forever go down in history as a pioneer in the development of new technologies and production methods. In our list of the most prominent of them — from the first car for women before the first subcompact from the mass of the machine, before the first SUV that was never intended for off-road driving. Our heroes were the first of its kind and still remain the models that define the genre and familiar to all motorists.

The Benz Patent-Motorwagen. The first car in the world it is no coincidence that the so-called. Motorized wheelchair Benz was patented in 1885 and was equipped with adenozinovymi four-stroke engine installed horizontally at the rear. The car was built on a tubular steel frame with wood inserts and moved on specefic wheels with rubber tires. As a promotional campaign, his wife Bertha Benz took the car and two sons and went to a two-day journey from Magama in Pforzheim, breaking the three-day 194 kilometers. This journey went down in history as the first rally on the first vehicle, determining the development of the industry in the years ahead.

Ford Model T. Ford Model T was revolutionary for two reasons. First, it was connected with the advantages of a standardized Assembly line and not hand-made. Therefore, the Model T was reliable. Due to the use of the Assembly line and streamlining processes of production, the car became affordable for the middle class population. This was a significant milestone in automotive history, transforming the car from a toy for the rich into a product of mass consumption. Ford T was also the first global car. He was so popular that Ford opened factories around the world, not to spend money for the transportation of vehicles. Unfortunately, Ford was so focused on maintaining low prices, which did not want to spend money to update the design and style, allowing the competitors to take away market share, producing more elegant and modern cars.

The Cadillac Touring Edition. Founded by Henry Ford, the Cadillac brand broke away from the Empire under pressure from financial backers of the company and Cadillac Touring Edition was the first experience of independent creating of the car. For its time it was very luxurious, for example, it was installed an electric starter and no longer had to turn the handle on cold. The problem with manual starter at the beginning of the production Cadillac Touring Edition was very serious — suddenly the engine started could break to the motorist hands and such cases were not rare. On the other hand, the introduction of the electric starter made the car more accessible to women. It behind the wheel of a Cadillac for the first time, sat a woman and this fact was widely covered in the advertising of the time.

Essex Closed Coach. Mark Essex was founded in Detroit in 1918 and existed for only four years. But even in that short time, the brand has managed to stand out in the industry a small revolution. The fact that mark was the first to produce cars with a fully enclosed cabin. This slight circumstance determined the shape of cars for decades to come.


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