What a pipe in the picture? (5 photos)

What do you think of the pipe and where does the joystick on the PlayStation?

It turns out that it is an improvised weapon, controlled by Sony Playstation, created the Syrian Liberation Army. I'm not an expert in military technology, but even I, lamer, this it becomes clear that the rebels were able to do things which can not think of bright minds military inventing fighting terminators. And you just Playstation - fit and Chinese calculator, a car battery, a bunch of wires and two strange pipes, and perhaps who shoot at vrazhin.

That's what I though here on this site, and we try not to touch politics, well, not our, but when the media bred people, they say the type look like they are struggling with the hated government wants some reason to smile.

And most interesting is that the scenario is repeated, nothing new. In Libya, too, everything was held under the same scheme.

If you recall the news of military action in Libya, the most popular weapon they had not Kalashnyk :) and old Japanese pickup trucks, which are installed in the back of the gun. And all this was done in a small workshop, which before the war were engaged in repairing tractors and machinery.

Not to be unfounded, I would like to give a link to the source, but that is not present. It's an analysis of the situation and quite possibly erroneous assumptions, but we continue on. Once in an interview showed how some wizard makes their cars. Before you create another masterpiece, it looks a Hollywood blockbuster, and already on the basis of creating its miracle weapon. The main thing that it looked terrible and poubeditelnee.

Creating another armored car mechanic complained that the Chinese are very unreliable and pickups when attaching armor plates, they are at times, as with the seat then can not move, and even ride on them, so it's just in front of reporters.

And not all of these homemade calculated on fighting. Well, think of themselves as of a water pipe can be made rifle, and even that she and shoot. Although, in this sverhtehnologichny weapons out of the pipe, the system will not recognize the enemy direct aim and shoot in the head. 21st century though! The main thing pipe of such weapons was out of hot water. :)

Source: strajj.livejournal.com


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