Dance till you drop (11 photos)

The first dance marathon was held in December 1909 in the town of Butte, Montana.
It was attended by more than 170 pairs.
Mass insanity began in 1923, when a 32-year-old American danced 27 hours without interruption, succeeding in that time six partners.

Dance marathons were conducted to identify the resistance and endurance of the participants rather than their dancing abilities. The judge watched the knees do not touch the floor if the dancers, it was enough to be in a dance position and do though, some footwork.

The winners of the marathon will have a very modest fee. The longest dance marathon was held in Chicago on August 29, 1930 to April 1, 1931 and lasted for 5152 hours, or 214 days, the winners received a $ 2,000

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