5 of unexpected things that will make you smarter ... (5 photos)

In this article, we will rely solely on scientific facts. As is known, scientists - people are smart. As you think, so that they are so well the uptake and know so much. Genes? Education? Perseverance? Probably, all together. But obviously, not only that. Because there are unexpected things that can improve our intelligence and smekalku.Itak that can make you smarter?

Your clothes

Strange but true: the clothes we wear affects our brain activity and this has been proved by scientists.

The researchers gathered a group of volunteers, who were asked to solve logic puzzles. The volunteers were divided into two groups. Half of the participants were dressed normally, and the other half were asked to wear lab coats. And what do you think the volunteers, dressed in lab coats made half the mistakes than those who did not wear robes.

In order to make sure that this is not just a coincidence, the researchers offered participants other tasks. This one volunteers coats were told that they wear lab coats, and others that they wear robes artists. Again, those who thought that are & quot; dryer & quot ;, researchers have made much fewer mistakes. The researchers are convinced that the so-called & quot; Clothing scientist & quot; It has a significant psychological effect. A man dressed in a lab coat, feels like a real scientist, and therefore, is laid out on the full. However, the results of this experiment make you think: do people think artists stupid?

By the way, the bikini has on people, or more precisely, the beautiful half of humanity, the opposite effect. In another study, researchers asked people of both sexes to solve puzzles, while some volunteers wore sweaters, while others - swimwear. It turned out that the woman in a bikini the uptake is much worse than a woman, dressed in a sweater. But on the ingenuity of men bathing trunks have no effect: the stronger sex showed the same results, regardless of the clothes.

Bad mood

Another surprising discovery scientists: a bad mood increases our intelligence. Australian researchers showed volunteers a neutral content of movies and movies about cancer and death. Then the volunteers were offered a variety of tasks. The result was that those who had fallen into a bad mood after watching a sad film, made fewer arithmetic mistakes, expressed best analytical ability and will to remember the events of proshlogo.Kstati, bad mood and enhances creativity. The authors of another study with the help of some volunteers manipulation created good or bad mood. Those volunteers who had spoiled the mood created collages more creative than those who were in a good mood.


Scientists have long been looking for funds from senile dementia. To do this, they are constantly trying to figure out what activity helps maintain intelligence at the proper level. It has long been proven that people that do not allow your mind to be lazy, less likely to suffer dementia in old age. Therefore, those who want to think well before the end of his life, constantly advised to train your brain crosswords and puzzles - this activity reduces the risk of dementia by 50 percent! However, there are more effective means of senility - a dancing! Dancing reduce the risk of dementia in old age by as much as 76 percent!

And it has such an effect is dancing, but not any other physical activity. Swimming or running - lessons monotonous, but the dances involve creativity. While scientists have not figured out exactly which dances a positive effect on the human brain. Perhaps we should try to express themselves in different forms of dance.


A drop of nicotine is able to kill a horse, let alone a man and even more so. However, killing our bodies, nicotine, it seems, at the same time has a positive effect on our brains.

Scientists from the University of Amsterdam found that nicotine contained in cigarettes, contributes to a better memory and ability to learn. The researchers tested nicotine patches for older people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. As a result, patients are used for some time, the nicotine patch, started in half the time to answer questions that test memory than patients in the control group. Researchers concluded that nicotine promotes better interaction centers of the brain responsible for learning ability. You do not have Alzheimer's disease? Then do not experiment with nicotine. For healthy people it's not true.


You want to improve the performance of your brain? Then & quot; charge & quot; him!

Australian scientists have created a so-called & quot; direct transcranial electrical stimulation & quot; brain. Using this technology, scientists sent electric current directly into the brain of the patient daring to check whether he was to think better.

The researchers note that volunteers who have agreed to the stimulation of the brain with electricity, better solve complex tasks than the average person. On average, electricity is able to enhance the ability to solve complex problems in three times! Scientists say that after the procedure, stimulation of brain activity shock, the ability to solve intricate problems a person is saved for 6 months.

Technology is at the experimental stage and it is unlikely in the near future, devices for electrical stimulation of the brain will become as familiar as a hair dryer or iron. Maybe it's for the best: how do not want to become a member of the sad scene in which appears the appliance and the smell of burnt shag.

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