5 of unexpected things that will make you smarter ... (5 photos)

In this article, we will rely solely on scientific facts. As is known, scientists - people are smart. As you think, so that they are so well the uptake and know so much. Genes? Education? Perseverance? Probably, all together. But obviously, not only that. Because there are unexpected things that can improve our intelligence and smekalku.Itak that can make you smarter?

Your clothes

Strange but true: the clothes we wear affects our brain activity and this has been proved by scientists.

The researchers gathered a group of volunteers, who were asked to solve logic puzzles. The volunteers were divided into two groups. Half of the participants were dressed normally, and the other half were asked to wear lab coats. And what do you think the volunteers, dressed in lab coats made half the mistakes than those who did not wear robes.

In order to make sure that this is not just a coincidence, the researchers offered participants other tasks. This one volunteers coats were told that they wear lab coats, and others that they wear robes artists. Again, those who thought that are & quot; dryer & quot ;, researchers have made much fewer mistakes. The researchers are convinced that the so-called & quot; Clothing scientist & quot; It has a significant psychological effect. A man dressed in a lab coat, feels like a real scientist, and therefore, is laid out on the full. However, the results of this experiment make you think: do people think artists stupid?

By the way, the bikini has on people, or more precisely, the beautiful half of humanity, the opposite effect. In another study, researchers asked people of both sexes to solve puzzles, while some volunteers wore sweaters, while others - swimwear. It turned out that the woman in a bikini the uptake is much worse than a woman, dressed in a sweater. But on the ingenuity of men bathing trunks have no effect: the stronger sex showed the same results, regardless of the clothes.

Bad mood


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