Why is street dancing so popular?

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Street dancing is a dance art that originated in the US in the 70's, and served as a means of protest, to fight for their rights. The dancers literally on the pavement in the alleys and courtyards has honed his skills, creating a whole family of directions street dance. In addition, dancing was often the best means for the peaceful resolution of conflicts. In battles determined the best dancers in whose favor the dispute was resolved.

Features street dance
Street dance are quite different from other areas and have a number of features:
  • More than a dozen sub-genres. Originally a street dance created on the streets of different teams, each of which added something in his direction. Many of the movements and ligaments become popular and gradually were fixed, forming a particular style. The result among street dance, you can allocate locking, breakdance, popping, hip-hop, roboting, electric Boogie and other styles.
  • A lot of improvisation. In street dance, proper technique is of great importance, but during a speech is important and work with the audience, the ability to surprise the audience and to attract her attention.
  • The freedom of expression. In street dance, everyone is equal: men and women, rich and poor, professionals and beginners — and everyone has the opportunity to Express their opinions using body language. In addition, street dance – a peaceful way of expressing aggression.
  • Accessibility. Street dance accessible to people of all ages, genders, with different levels of education. To do not need a specially prepared place or costumes. It is important to have the desire and favorite music. Dance training can take place in dance school, and to be arranged at home or in a separate group of dancers.
  • Technique. All types of street dance is dynamic, changing, flowing and sharp movements, the presence of asynchrony. Also frequently used acrobatic elements.

The popularity of the area
The popularity of street dance due to the following factors:
  • wide use in the music and film industry;
  • no strict format, and the continuous development of the direction;
  • opportunities for the expression of their own potential;
  • the flexibility and ease to switch from one padstyle on the other, the possibility of a combination of styles;
  • maintaining good physical form only at the expense of regular dance classes;
  • effective dealing with stress and negative emotions.



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