Cake "grape"

Sour cream is not less than 20% fat - 700 g
Cracker (with poppy seeds, a small "Hrustik") - 300 g
Raisins (pre-steamed) - 100 g
Chocolate (any) - 200 g (I took the milk «Milka»)
Gelatin (instant) - 25 g
Jelly (dry bags -Green color) - 90 g
Grapes white to decorate
Sugar - 1 stack. (230g)
Vanilla sugar - 1 pkg.

The first thing we plant gelatin in 150 ml of hot water. Ostyvat.Razvodim reserve, according to the instructions jelly in 300 ml of hot vody.Tozhe let freezes.
Crackers break popolam.Mozhno take other crackers, more size (chocolate, sweet), then break into several pieces.

Chocolate cut into smaller knife.
In a bowl or pan pour sour cream, pour the sugar, vanilla sugar and whisk well.
When the mass vzobetsya, add the cooled gelatine and whisk again.

In a bowl add the sour cream crackers and steamed raisins. Knead well.
We get split mold (I have it 24 cm diameter).

We spread our cream 1/3. Carefully sprinkle it with chocolate.
Chocolate spread on another part of the cream and sprinkle with chocolate again.
Then spread the remaining mass.

Form put in the refrigerator to solidify.
While freezes the cream, we obtain grapes, cut it in half and remove pits from it (I had a small and pitted, so I do not cut it).

On the frozen cake beautifully spread grape jelly and pour cooled down again and remove refrigerate until completely zastyvaniya.A then pull out, cut and enjoy a delicious dessert !!!


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