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Remove all lovers of BMW cars on your screen, take them with something useful. I will show terrible.

My acquaintance with the world of BMW Group in Munich started with a visit to the Center of dismantling and recycling cars BMW. I arrived there in the morning, I was greeted by two members of the Centre, and led to show what they are doing here. I was led past the shelves on which stood a brand new type of cars. As soon as they were to disappear, dissolve in time, turn into dust. So BMW comes with all of your test machine prototypes that have been tested, which checked the work of the new units and technical solutions. All of them now was prepared for one event - go to the press. But up to this point they have yet to make a few humiliating procedures.

In the parking lot - the cream of the Bavarian automobile.

It all starts here.
On a special stand with the remote external control connected to the computer machine, there is undermining squib associated with airbags.
Or, as they say, in the center - there is their neutralization. Including those contacts are disconnected from the battery located in the trunk.

I wore ear protection, master pushed buttons on the remote. Inside the car began to explode pillows.
After a few seconds it was all over.

With these cars take off anything that might come in handy in the future.
All parts are on stock research center, where they are used for new prototypes.

The following operation is performed on a specially constructed for this stand. Pumped out of the car all the liquid contained in it: gasoline, oil, antifreeze.

Master untwists all that can be unscrewed and merges everything that can be drained.

Fuel tank breaks pnevmoburom. The machine can be lifted with one hand, so that the fuel is gone from the tank entirely.

The process of destruction continues.

Special hand press neutralized gas shock absorbers.

On some vehicles, the engine is retrieved for later use.

The shop, which employs press machine waiting for their last hour. This was once involved in the crash test.

I walked up to the booth operator presses and shot through further unclear plastic glazing.

Iron hook with a crunch pulled out from the body of the machine's heart. Cats on the soul of all scrubbed furiously.

Defeated and almost destroyed the car laid in the Procrustean bed of the press.
Now the top cover is closed and all ...

All car now - it's small cube, which is now the same ruthless steel crane arm cast in an iron container and it will go to the crusher.
Absolutely everything will go to the cause - metal parts melted, cloth, leather, foam will be ground into a powder and will be used in production.

Here is the cute cube, in which once turned into one of the test MINI, standing in the hall at the entrance.
A couple of days here, you can dial exhibits an entire exhibition of contemporary art.

BMW annually recycles so their 4000 cars.

The men who accompanied me, told me that virtually every employee of the Center initially under stress.
Destroy the creation of human hands, but still is - a difficult test, even for professionals.

And then, they say nothing, get used.


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