9 signs, that is a real man

Modern society is undergoing significant transformation. Today we often hear from the lips of the male representatives of the complaints of the supposedly "true women" in the afternoon with fire not find. Strong, independent, self-sufficient girl just an anomaly for men who are accustomed to the image of a cute, quiet homemaker.

But everything is always interconnected, isn't it? And the manifestation in women of such traits as persistence and the ability to take any situation into their own hands — not that other, as a result of the fact that men have suddenly started to lose these qualities, relieving themselves of responsibility. In short, we can complain that "there are no true men"! But before you complain, after all, let's decide, what kind of a beast – a true man?

1. Not a word, and it

A distinctive feature of male psychology and female is that the representatives of a strong half of mankind think in the most part narrow and of any life situation you see how a problem with a clear algorithm of actions, which need to be addressed. Long and meaningless conversations around the issues — only a women's prerogative, so the man who just talks and talks and talks and does nothing is far from the concept "real".

2. A clear understanding of their desires

A true man always knows what he wants and strives to achieve their goals and desires. And an important point – a real man these same goals and desires are!

3. Responsibility

You wondered how did the word "married"? It literally means that a wife should be her husband, for his broad and strong back. And therefore an important quality that characterizes a real man is his ability to take responsibility. For their words, for their actions, for the welfare of their women, for the future.

4. Own opinion

A real man always has an opinion at the expense of anything and acts according to it. Sure, he listens to the advice of friends, share with them your reasons, discuss these or other scenarios. But still he makes a decision himself and only himself.

5. The ability to appreciate and be grateful

Look at how a man communicates with his family, with friends, with a loved one. That you says a lot about him. A real man knows how to be grateful and attentive to those who give him care and love. He does not take it for granted, otherwise it is the clearest manifestation of complexes.

6. Generosity


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