About tigonah, Liger and Leopon (28 pics + text)

Liger - a hybrid of a lion and a tigress and tigon or Tigon, on the contrary - a cross between a tiger and a lioness. Lions live in the African savannah, and tigers - in the Indian jungles and the Far East. Under natural conditions these animals are never found, but in zoos and circuses kittens of different species due to lack of space is sometimes placed in the same cage. Kids grow up together, play, eat from the same bowl, and then they become adults and their children are born. Progeny obtained from one or two of the 100 mixed couples, and it is more like their fathers.

Ligers are more common than tigony. Coat them with orange-golden dim stripes on the sides and back and spots on the abdomen. These spots - from his father, because the actual cubs are born spotted. Sometimes the male liger grows even mane, but not as big as a lion. In addition, they, like their mother tigress, love and know how to swim, and growl, on the contrary, is more like a lion. Ligers - the largest cat in the world. Standing on its hind legs, they reach 4 meters in height and weigh more than 300 pounds. The biggest liger named Hercules, weighing as two lions live in the park "Island of the jungle" in Miami. In contrast to the female Ligers usually infertile males, so they can not breed.

Tigony very rare, known only to a few live specimens. The reason is that the Tigers bad crossed with a lioness, they apparently do not perceive mating behavior lionesses as a call to mate. In addition, tigony often born prematurely and die. Despite its rarity, tigony cause less interest because they do not have such impressive sizes, as Ligers. They are even less than their parents.

Externally similar to tigony Leagrove. They are orange with stripes and spots, the males have a mane, but very small. Tigony when growl, and publish a lion, and tiger sounds. Tigony males as Ligers do not produce offspring, and females are fertile and can interbreed with the lions and tigers. It is known, for example, that now two tigonov live at the Australian National Zoo, Safari Park Shenzhen in South China and also owns three other tigonami Liger. ©

And yet the world are Leopon! A cross between lions and leopards. Only I could not hold a candle sorry, and one of them mom and dad who do not know, here.
Although, according to the picture below, the leopard - daddy. :) By the way, I did not know that leopards little inferior in size to the lions.
Scientific: Leopon - type hybrids resulting from the crossing of lions and leopards. They retain the appearance of a lion, as his miniature copy - head lower on the body outlet brownish spots. They are still larger than leopards. Males have a mane, but it is quite rare. On the tail has brush of fur, like lions.


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