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Quite often, in everyday life, I hear this question by people far removed from the aircraft. "Is it true that on the plane on the train - all on the street?" And indeed, if the train we see the opening bowl carried by sleepers, the plane can not see anything. Does this mean that waste products are not fly out?

First, let's define what we've got on the plane for everything to be clean and hygienic. The aircraft usually have a system of water supply and waste disposal system.

The water supply system fueled with drinking water from the vehicle before departure

Water has a compliance certificate and a receipt. I do not know as it passes control to carpool, but I assure - pass, and quite thorough. This water can be drunk straight from the hose (though I'm not a fan). Before leaving it loaded into the aircraft tank (200 liters A-320). Usually filling is completely until the edges begin to pour (standing drainage tube and the water begins to overflow onto the platform).

Then the water is fed into the boiler (then passengers in tea), sinks and other sinks. The A-320 a little water is taken to wash the toilet after each pressing. The Tu-154 do not, for their own water bowl.

So I will tell you a secret that water from the sink (and drain from the boiler) flies directly overboard out. Washed their hands with soap and water after a couple of seconds is in free flight at an altitude of 10 km. This happens through a special spout at the bottom of the aircraft fuselage.

Tucked into the water tank water is distributed consumers (sinks and other boilers) under pressure. The pressure generated in the tank by air compressors. Everything is quite simple. On older Tu-154 and Tu-154 some are 3 water tanks (front lobby, the buffet food in the middle of the passenger compartment and rear toilets). And from there the water flows by gravity! Just tanks located above the ceiling. The system gives a lot of trouble to maintain. At least when you consider that it is necessary to fill each tank separately, running around the aircraft with a hose.

Now, about the toilets and toilets. As you know, deal with the dregs of toilets as well as water from sinks - not good. Therefore, all purged fall into a special tank (170 liters of A-320). The picture for the Tu-154M:


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