Do not kid yourself, trust the professionals. As I parted with CDMA.

Quite a long time I used the online services of the operator CDMA. Well, this service could be called a stretch, since the speed of traffic, and its stability - is another sad song. But because even though I live in Kiev, but in the private sector with a fairly rugged terrain, these perceived inconvenience due quite philosophically. Because, firstly, the special speed and continuity for the work under that buy this modem is not required, and secondly, the alternative was to buy an antenna or a router at a much higher price. Everything went quiet as usual until the time when about a month ago has not started frank mess.
Well, that is, the link was established, but the Russian site is not completely loaded and the number of disconnects could be completely arbitrary - tolerant of every two to three hours before the absolute insanity of 10-12 times per hour. And the workflow is already not reactive, turned into epileptic seizures. And there was the epic saga of "communication with tech support operator».
The first time I listened sympathetically, all detailed interview, recorded a number of statements and promised to sort out within 5 working days. Uh-huh. It was Tuesday, and since no one to Friday inclusive of anything I was not notified, on Sunday potestit I deal with my friends.
And got a picture of what actually expected. Namely - Connect with Ukraine within the declared parameters, but then - on the situation. Europe - more or less, but as soon as the dough Russia - signal reaches a certain gateway and go for a walk in search of sidings. Connect formally there and pictures - fig.
About this sadness I told technical support service for the next day. Again graciously listened, questioned in detail, said something like, "ah-ah-ah, what a pity", but then completely messed impression allegedly friendly service, saying that my statement from last week can not be found. That is, you need to wait another five working days, because just like that, in a mode called-checked, they eliminated the work can not. Very heavily loaded.
"It is clear - thought. - People have so much of their important cases, and here I am with my garbage. " But since work something I somehow needed, I began to look for an alternative provider in parallel. Of course, Toad, poddavlivat when looking at the cost of the equipment, but that's a topic does not apply.
Meanwhile, expired five working days, and the service tehpoddrezhki had to give some answer me, beloved. During this time, I found that just happens association Intertelekoma and CDMA, and that troubles connection - just a consequence of this alliance. It was not clear only a temporary phenomenon or forever.
This question and I made a topic in our communication. At this time, I was pleased though that statement was not lost. But there was no any clear answer any question about the possibility of removing the cause or the further question arose - this garbage either temporarily or forever. One had the feeling that the issues are simply set in the silent space. But I was asked to send printskrin any unbootable site, and only then, within five working days of magic, to me, maybe something can be said. The last sentence somehow made me an association with the name of KVN number Galustjana-Revva about a girl Gade. Namely, the place where Revva asks Gadi call her middle name "so for themselves purely neighing»
But me laugh for some reason did not want to. As well as to continue communication. The next day I invited installers from one of the providers. Yes, I paid more than 2000 grams. But to hear anything about the CDMA I no longer want. Anyway, in the near future.


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