The frescoes, executed by the painters, – the trend in designing any interior

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Mural – "the eternal" art, whose history – goals. Today, a similar method of decorating surfaces – trend. In recent years, there are many innovative ways to apply on the wall or ceiling any image. The paintings are frescoes, made by talented master hand, incomparable stamped on the printer pictures. Notice the difference even a layman.

The mural will be appropriate in any interior
It is a mistake to think that the mural is expertly made in the wall (part thereof) or on the ceiling, will be appropriate only in the canonical interiors. This method of decorating surfaces suitable for any modern style. The main thing – to choose the characteristic pattern. In the Studio painting you can order a mural with any image, the application can be left directly on the website of the artists. In that case, when in doubt, if the chosen picture in a certain style, trust the imagination and talent of these artists. Pompous Empire will require of scenes from battles, exquisite modern floral drawings, simple luxury classic Bible stories. Ethnic areas – a more "live" murals, sometimes even with a dynamic plot. Delicate Provence – the lavender fields or pastoral sketches, Mediterranean style Marina or underwater inhabitants, Scandinavian direction – snow-capped mountains and mysterious forests. The list is long, and each image is guaranteed to be a masterpiece and vibrant touch to the modest interior. After drawing the murals fill the room a completely different aura, it is one that is close to you.

Mural painting – the decoration of any room
Deciding to use the design of the space murals, contact the talented professionals here. The mural can be a bright accent or background. It depends on the purpose of the room, its size and personal preferences of the owners. If you decide to decorate the painting the bedroom, give preference to drawing, which will give peace and tranquility. Trust the talent of the painter, he will select the image that will wrap you in bliss and quiet bliss. Wall painting is a great way of decorating the living room, in this room, you can unleash the imagination and applied to the surface of any picture. It is important that the theme is combined with the requirements and canons of a certain stylistic direction. The murals can decorate and kitchen, there are appropriate or still life sketches of fruit orchards, because these pictures are directly related to cooking. In the nursery wall painting plays an important role. Drawing magically affects the mood and behavior of the baby. A painter will select the images to be close to the baby.



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