Benefits of electronic registration

Travelling with comfort is possible and it begins with the ticket purchase. Often the convenience of the service affects the whole subsequent attitude of the city. Fortunately, the leadership of the Russian Railways is keeping up with the times and offers everyone an online service where you can buy a ticket in a few clicks.

More information can be found on the website where you can find all the necessary information and answers to the most common questions travelers.

That implies electronic registration means that it is possible to avoid the stage of buying a paper ticket in the terminal or the cash register. Everything can be done online, after completion will be issued your boarding pass. It should be printed, and at landing to present the documents proving the identity. As you can see, it's simple. Other features that involves online registration:

  • She stops an hour before departure. In fact, the same rules apply in the case of execution of documents directly in the terminal.
  • If you plan to transport in the Luggage compartment of his property or assumes the transportation of small animals, online registration is not possible, you will need to draw up documents only via cash. But in itself, can all be issued in electronic form.
  • If desired, you can add the cost of bedding. This action is optional if you plan to purchase a second-class ticket. The price of linen is already included in the price when a passenger buys a ticket in the compartment.

In any frameset virtual registration is available at any time. Even if the increased demand peak season, it does not affect the speed of downloading of information on the resource, it is updated promptly in real time. Practice shows that this option is the most preferred and convenient, in addition, it allows you to avoid the queue and in cases where people draw up their travel documents using cash, and the terminals directly at the railway stations.

The amount of the payment is the same everywhere, in any case have to pay the ticket price, bedding, if you plan to take it, and pay Commission, i.e. a service fee. By law, it cannot exceed 15% of the cost of the travel document.


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