When a relationship does not mean anything ...

Very often women complain that their men are cheating. Is it so? And if we do not deceive ourselves? If we look in the dictionary, the deception - is "misleading┬╗

. And today, I propose to examine those cases where the woman herself fooled. When she sees and hears one of the men, and supplied in a different way, as if she did not see it.

Most women cheat on the first stage of dating.

For example, you have just met a man, exchanged phone numbers. Should I take the time and expect that he will definitely call you? When he does not call, which only come up with any version of women: lost phone, I lost the room, very busy, and maybe he was sick or he is now no possibility


Why do we women do not come to mind, that if a man does not call, then, does not want to? If a person wants, it rings even though the time and saves valuable phone and does not lose. The lack of calls - it is a signal that the man you are not interested. All other thoughts - it is self-deception

. Sometimes after a few visits a man disappears, and the calls are not responsible. A woman can convince herself that he must have things to do. The question is only one - why he had not warned them

? And in this case, a man does not cheat, he just disappears from your life. Is it worth it to justify its optionality and introduce herself as misleading? Why are we afraid to face the truth?

And even there is such a man missing from your life, then you meet him on the other. And then you begin to deceive ourselves. And if it's just his friend? Or maybe a sister? I would still like me.

I want to lead a fairly voluminous quote J. Berg, too well it is about how we women, we deceive ourselves.

"After meeting with a man a few days waiting for his call, many women begin to wonder why he does not call? Maybe to him that something had happened in Tibet, when he tried to climb Mount Everest? We do not know. And the truth of the situation as follows: It does not matter! Your time is too valuable to waste it, trying to understand the intricate way of thinking men. In fact, in the mind of man it is not so much as imagine it is a woman. If he does not call, you just stop thinking about it. That's all you have to do. Just like that.

Some of you, this approach may not like. You might decide that it's better to save it in Tibet; at least that's what you personally make sure that his mobile was not working, so he did not call. You find out how he left the expedition, and will climb the mountain to save him. But, despite the fact that you safeguard it from being able to freeze to death, he is not going to love you like crazy. Perhaps he even annoyed that he was found. In the end, you have interrupted his adventure! Instead of striving "to bite" the man you can base their decisions only on his behavior. By doing so, you begin to make better decisions and become a woman, full of confidence and strength. ┬╗

Also, often we are deceived in marriage

If initially something inspires you fear, for example, a man drinks, you are not sure of his loyalty, using drugs, not honest, you do not like his circle of friends, we should not kid ourselves, that your love can change it.

If a man walking, you should not think that when you get married, it will change. Or the birth of his children will change. Unfortunately, waiting for you to be disappointed. As I walked and will walk, and you'll have to wait and cry and blame fate.

There are men - because of their psychological characteristics they can not be in a peaceful and happy relationship. For them, the only fascinating process of courtship, and then get bored, they are in the eternal search. It is better to get round such men.

And if he drinks, do not be fooled that you can "help him to find meaning in life. Understand themselves and find a way out of the state of alcohol dependence. " This is also a self-deception.

Ask yourself if it will remain an alcoholic and a womanizer, are you ready to live with him all his life?

A married man

Separate conversation about the married men. If a man behaves strangely, not familiar with his close circle, his story contradicts one another, that is unlikely to deceive ourselves that it is free. He's not partisan and not in the secret service, to behave so mysteriously.

But even if he does not hide that he was married, this does not become easier. You always have to deceive ourselves: his wife, of course mymra, he would divorce soon, and we'll live with it happily

. Why are we so excited innuendo? Very often we just think up themselves all that is not said, and does not tell the man. Is it any wonder that all is a lie invented?

Holiday romance

As a rule, rest time is running out. First glance, the first compliment, walk under the moon, and the affair began. But after a few days or you leave it, and that's where the clock starts ticking, and it all depends on how a woman is caught in a romantic self-deception.

And even if it's a holiday romance, give him the opportunity to develop in a natural way, do not rush things and not to speed up time. Do not be fooled by the different "men's sayings" that you need .... just that you realize that it is a temporary relationship that tomorrow you leave, will shake and go further, giving account of the fact that you are doing.
< br> We - not unfeeling robots, and we can not just delete unnecessary programs and delete unnecessary files. As a rule, a woman falls in love and loses his head for a long time and then can not get over it. But still the pain and frustration in the heart.

Therefore it is better not to be deceived, and allow you to care for the man. Do not rush to the proximity. You do not even know this man. Take your time ... -. It is the last thing that a woman should give the man in the courtship stage

. It should be very clearly separate male passion and desire to be with you. A woman always confuse those two things. And if a man wants you, it does not mean that a man in love.

We believe that convergence ... that something will change in the relationship and make them necessarily close and trusting, but for some reason most often a man just "skims the cream" and the rest (a rich inner world) is not wanted.

And if this man is guilty? Why should you give just "the most delicious┬╗?

Do not rush to the proximity of, and give yourself time to the man to see if he has interest in you besides .....?

Virtual romance

The desire to solve the problem of loneliness as quickly as possible, pushing the woman to get acquainted on the Internet. And the woman herself is starting to offer, join in the conversation. It is difficult to count on the fact that a man will tell you the truth about the family situation, and even photos are not always genuine.

"Hungry" and unhappy woman, arranging his personal life, to much closes his eyes, forgetting about their own dignity.

When you offer yourself, man becomes the buyer, so the buyer begins to dictate terms.

Internet correspondence often gives the appearance of a woman only relations of not being in real life.

It is necessary to think well before you start to move for a man in a civil marriage, in the birth of children outside marriage, in a love triangle, if he does not take any responsibility or liability for you and your life. Do not be fooled that everything will be fine. Sobriety is a very difficult and painful. And the emotional attachment does not give to live in peace.

Sometimes a man does not even promise anything, he just calls in and uses you. But why a woman believes that there is a relationship? Why is it all the time waiting, but when he arrives? When a woman is in standby mode, she becomes dependent and very much tied to the man. And how many times she tells himself that he will come here, and she will tell him everything, and finally put an end to the relationship. He is coming, but all the points or not. Dependence does not put it.

And if you're just in time to let him take it, and another invitation to go somewhere, you bind yourself not threads, and ropes. Because when he leaves, you will live your fabulous ideas, not reality. Waiting for him for weeks, you are more and more attached to him. Whether a man is guilty in the fact that he comes and uses? After all, you yourself let him enjoy himself and deceive themselves.

Ask yourself, why do you need drama and misery? Why not allow yourself a peaceful and happy life?

A man can do anything: to write sms you do compliments, call, come to visit, to engage with you ......, make gifts, and it does not mean anything as long as it does not let you into their personal life and does not take responsibility for you. Keep your guard, do not embellish reality, remember the dignity and do not let a man use you.

Author: Tatiana Dzutseva.


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