It is dangerous to marry abroad

Some women, frustrated with the local representatives of the stronger sex, decide to try their luck abroad. I must say that someone can build a strong family that way, but often we hear the opposite. Bride can cause many troubles. Before you decide to take this step, the woman should think carefully about the consequences of his decision.

And the consequences may be as follows:

1. Social dangerous husband. On the Internet or through a marriage agency is difficult to understand the man. And the language barrier prevents. Think about why people could not find a wife in his homeland - often our compatriot marry alcoholics, drug addicts, sadists, people with unstable mentality without even knowing it. The truth is revealed only after the wedding, when a man takes off his mask. He starts drinking, he can beat. Against this background, a little look better husbands who force their wives to work, while they themselves sit out the days of the TV or in bars.

2. Eastern mentality. If you decide to marry a Muslim resident of the state, you have to be mentally prepared to numerous prohibitions. Of course, every country has its own customs, but in some countries for the female half of the population works weight restrictions - and in terms of wearing, and in terms of entertainment. Think about whether you are ready to spend days on end in the four walls, wearing shapeless clothes, to respect all religious traditions? And if the husband dissolve hands, from whom you expect help? You decide.

3. Scammers. Not only the residents of the CIS countries can fool their overseas suitors. Now more and more often "groom" invent ingenious plans of fraud. You may ask: "Why take something with us?" It turns out there is something to make money.

a) car, apartment, cottage, private savings. Your spouse can play the role of a successful businessman who suddenly got into debt. Naturally, his wife, you rush to sell the last thing you have. When you take nothing more, he filed for divorce.

b) credit. If you have no car, no apartment, it does not mean that you are safe. Your husband can easily take out a loan and declare themselves bankrupt. Some countries have legislation for which you will be required to repay the loan.

4. Criminal business. Typically, in such cases, the matter is before the wedding does not reach. It is enough to entice the potential victim to a meeting with a "favorite", and then - a trick.

a) slavery. Often under the guise of "groom" man seeking a potential victim, he will be able to profitably sell to a brothel.

b) the sale of organs. Unfortunately, this also happens. And no comment.

In such situations, the best measures - preventive. If you find your destiny, do not rush to the altar, check and double-check all the details. Have you chosen to come to you several times, ask all about his family life in detail, find a way to check his email.

If you are going to his country, draws are not a guest or a tourist visa, but the visa of the bride. Thus, you will reduce the risk to a minimum: it's up to you if this man had invited the women repeatedly, you will be denied a visa of the bride. Do you want to start a family once and for all, so hurry in this matter to anything.

No need to worry about reading and lose the last hope for marital happiness. There are many examples of successful international marriages, full of love and mutual respect. I would only encourage our women to be vigilant. As they say, forewarned - is forearmed. Take care of yourself and be happy.

Anna Storchak


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