Five myths about marriage after thirty


Five myths about marriage after thirty

When you're young and not married, for you are constantly pestered with the question: "When is the wedding?" Learning that will not soon added: "Look, do not be late!" But as soon as you barely rose past thirty, the question begins to sound quite in another way - it has clearly heard sympathetic notes: "A marriage something you did not come out, right? And why? »

Surprisingly, in our country after thirty unmarried man is considered to be a bachelor who dream "to ring" the young lady and a woman - an old maid, whose chances to marry even less than that of our football team win the world championship. And all because:

1. If thirty on you no one got married, then you do something wrong

You're not married, because among the many fans were not the same one with whom you can go through life together and feel happy? Explain it is useless - did not hear. We still strong stereotypes in twenty mother, grandmother of forty, and no derogation.

Oh, over thirty and not married? All passed youth! Neighbors and employees will no longer introduce you to their unmarried friends, second cousins ​​nephews, lonely and casual fellow travelers whom you could become an ideal wife. Ahead of you expect a lonely old age, and in the evening watching TV with a mandatory knitting warm socks for kids girlfriends.

Forget about the traditions and stereotypes that are no longer relevant. Today, thirty years - that's not the age, when there is no hope. And it certainly does not make the girl in an old aunt with boring character on sight that men run across to the other side of the street. On the contrary - only the beginning!

This confident and European ladies who are in no hurry to choose the style of wedding dress. For example, most of the portugalok marry at the age of 25, an English and Dutch - after 28 French - after 30. And no one laughs, looking after them, and does not say that at this age it is necessary to immediately throw all their efforts on the search for her husband .

2. After thirty difficult to bear and give birth to a healthy baby

Of course, it is better to give birth early and after thirty to think nothing of the second child. But in his youth it is necessary to get an education, a career, and only then take place when you have no ambition, thinking about starting a family and having children.

Doctors believe that if a woman does not suffer from serious illnesses, she could give birth and after twenty-five. In addition, modern medicine has all the possibilities to find out how to develop the fruit in early pregnancy.

According to Professor John Mirowski of the University of Texas, the ideal age for a first birth - 34 years. It is to this age achieved the optimum balance between the health of women and their material well-being. The scientist believes that with age a woman about their health more responsibly, behaves not as risky as 20 years, and this is also an important factor. "In any case, the woman who gave birth to first child at age 34, is 14 years younger than the state of health, one that gave birth to 18 years" - says Mirowski. In the UK the average age when women have their first child is thirty years. Later generations in the West have long been considered the norm. For example, Kim Basinger became a mother after forty, and Madonna only thirty-six gave birth to their first child, and after forty - second.

3. Participants left

It is believed that if you held on his search for the second half to thirty years, you just for who will marry as all suitable candidates already snapped up more practical ladies.

It's like being late for sale: come, and there and things are not so much the size of your left, and the quality is poor. But if it is run a cursory glance, but if you look closely, carefully dig around, you can find something that will please many years.

The main thing is not to sit at home, and all the time to be in a creative search. Most travel, to communicate more with different people, rely on luck and believe in yourself.

4. Men prefer blondes young

If you even meet a free man, he learned about your age, bryaknet faint and without leaving him slowly disappear like the Cheshire Cat.

Nonsense. The average age of marriage in the big cities is now about thirty years. About - that "thirty", too.

5. The habits that are difficult to leave

Another barrier on the road to marriage - "bachelor habits." That is, the chances of getting married after thirty women still have only the desire is gone. To live one becomes much more convenient - and career success, and lack of finance to all whims, and do not wash dirty socks and cook dinner, and share the TV remote control.

However, any, even the most hardened, bachelor habits completely dissolve in a gentle and loving look. My neighbor recently turned 69 years old, and she surprisingly children and grandchildren went and got married. Now they Granddaddy always go only together, always handle and totally happy! She - a great example of that at any age you can meet the man of her dreams and marry him.

Finally, listen to the advice of family psychologists: to marry the person with whom you really well and who is not afraid to grow old on one pillow.


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