10 things to do till 30 years

If you are between twenty and thirty — it's time to think about the future. After all, 80 percent of fatal events occur at this time.

Practice psychologist Meg Jay has shown that if a person thirty years of not thinking about the future, then he will face a lot of problems — personal, family, career.If you want to live a happy life, be sure to do these 10 things before you even turned 30.


1. Bleed yourself

The years between 20 and 30 — the last peak in brain development. Of course, the brain will remain pliable and continue. But after thirty will have formed so many new neural connections, and you will not be able as fast as before, to learn something new.

To use the brain to the maximum, you need to engage in diverse activities. After all, only develop those neural connections that we use, and unused muscles atrophy. We become what we practice every day.

In science they call it "survival of the most active". Young people who effectively use their brains, leading active way of life, become more successful in the future.

2. Build a career witha Job at this age is very important for career growth. In addition, a greater percentage wage increase occur during the first ten years of the working life.

In twenty years it seems that there is still a lot of time making money. But actually the level of salary for 40 years, as a rule, reaches the maximum value.

It is best to start doing career while a student. It is not necessary to undertake casual work in order not to lose time in vain. Remember that anyone who is thinking about a career quite late, will never be able to catch up with their more agile peers, which realized it before.

3. Find jobsFind the job that suits your qualifications. If your resume is replete with records of the work, for example, in a café, this gives the employer the idea about your degradation.

In addition, such a choice can adversely affect not only the summary but also in the entire life. The researchers found that if people in just 9 months working not for their skills, he has a depressed mood and decreases motivation. In the future this may lead to apathy and inability to do anything at all .

4. Try to meet a life partnerthey Say opposites attract. This is a misconception. To create a strong long-term relationships, partners have to like each other.

At first glance it may seem that to find someone similar to yourself, not too difficult, but not every similarity is suitable. Couples who are Dating or get married, indeed have much in common in terms of attractiveness, age, education, political views, religion and level of intelligence. So why then is so much divorce? The problem is that although people are able to find similarities between themselves and others by such obvious criteria as age and education, according to the researchers, these factors impede rather than promote the creation of a harmonious Union.

The only similarity personal qualities — an essential factor in the creation of a harmonious Union. Partners should be crossing the majority of the five points are the five factors that determine how people interact with the world: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, friendliness, neuroticism.

5. Get married,Marriage is perhaps the most important event in life. And it is important to choose the optimal time for its creation. It is known that the unions entered into prior to 20 years, often fall apart because of the immaturity of the spouses, so many tend to put off marriage for later.

But this is another common mistake. Because people are married, for example, after thirty, can actually be more Mature, but late marriage, a lot of their problems. Instead of growing together in the period when their twenty years of "I" are still in the formative stage, the partners begin to live together later, can be already established habits and established quality. A former communication in which partners are sought to take responsibility for themselves, sometimes are devastating, contribute to the formation of bad habits and kill faith in love. Although the long search indeed allow you to find a more worthy partner, the number of unmarried men and women is decreasing over time.

It is therefore best to marry between twenty and thirty years.

6. Get childrenThink that fertility is only a female problem, but today the situation is changing as more couples have children after thirty, the more there is a choice of age for both spouses.

Twenty to thirty years — the best time for the birth of the child. Later, the fertility rate declines, it becomes increasingly difficult to conceive and bear children. And the quality of eggs is reduced, and the endocrine system, which is responsible for the hormones and the pregnancy, it is not so effective.

Therefore, you should not tolerate having children at a later age.

7. Take fateful action, the researchers analyzed autobiographies of prominent people. They tried to define what time in a person's life are most crucial. It turned out that the most significant events occurred between the ages of twenty to thirty years.

Remember, 80 percent of important things going on in our lives to 35 years. Later we just are continuing, slightly changing the plan.

8. Engage in personal developmentInvest in yourself. This will help you to make a career and develop their personality.

Young men over twenty who have enough time to self-development and know how to be responsible, in the future, become more successful. They are able to achieve the goals, realistic assessment of the events, are more confident. And this is the way to high life satisfaction and stress resistance.

9. Think about what you are actuallyTry to understand what you want from life and who feel. Often we think that we are who we are not. We speak of ourselves as "not" or "isn't." But this is not the identity. Identity or career cannot be built on what you don't want. You need to move from denial, that is, a sense of who you are not, the assertion, or sense of who you are.

Only this will help you to understand what you want from life.

10. Change and become responsiblePsychologists are sure that the age from twenty to thirty years — the best in order to change. The time when it is easiest to move from anxiety to confidence or to overcome the effects of an unhappy childhood for a short period of time.

At this time, a person develops ability "to continue to live and move on." If to escape from adult life, people will stop in the development. Only through investment in himself, he will be able to grow and develop.

Such a change requires that we have assumed adult responsibilities. These obligations change as our position in society and who we really are. Investments in love and work start the process of maturation of the individual, and the status of the employee of a large company helps people become more responsible.

The mere existence of goals to make us better — both now and later.Age from twenty to thirty is the time when human life is like a plane flying in turbulence, but if you learn to control it, you can get farther and faster. So let's hit the road — now is the best time for it.published

Based on the book "Important years".


Source: www.mann-ivanov-ferber.ru/books/opredelyayushhie_10_let/


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