Thriller "Red Riding Hood"

Thriller "Red Riding Hood»

Stepmother. 35 years old, not married, the mentally ill, no previous convictions. Role - Mother Teresa.
Little Red Riding Hood. 15 years old, accused of drug trafficking. Widely known in criminal circles under the nickname Rubella. Two children in orphanages and everything. Future Agronomist. The role - a good girl.
Grandmother. 80 years old, earns prostitution, indigenous plants and a swindler. The disease - obsession Volkofobiya. The role - a helpless old woman.
Wolf. 7 years. He graduated from Harvard University, specialization - killer. The role - innocent victim.
Hunter. 40 years. The remaining information is classified. The role - savior.

Little Red Riding Hood was very harmful, even evil girl. It was adopted, rather, found in the forest where the baby wolves local nicknamed Mowgli - girl. Fortunately, it took time, but a few months with the Wolves have left their mark, and the girl lisp was a fool ...

At the age of 3 years, Hood began to engage in robbery and drug trafficking, she was holding at bay the entire village. Reception girl's mother of her many years of growth as long as the complex nature of Little Red Riding Hood did not cause maternal manic - paranoid psychosis. Therefore stepmother decided to get rid of the Little Red Riding Hood to finally do personal life, by the way, immediately after the departure of her daughter.

5 years in the school survey were not in vain, a woman all clearly laid out, she sent to underage daughter to visit her grandmother through the forest, where, as everyone knows, are abundant man-eating wolves. Mother even gave her meat pies to the Wolves was easier to smell it. Naive girl did not even realized that her 80-year-old grandmother for a long time can only eat liquid, and its single tooth only for decoration. Mother acted cautiously and for hedging hired Keeler-Wolf of one, and that he did not oboznalsya gave the girl thing, which Wolf had to learn his future victim - the red cap. On this Mother's work was finished. In truth, the whole village had hoped to Wolf.

Family of Little Red Riding Hood did not like their relatives, which is why their elderly grandmother lived deep in the woods. Hood was an adventurous girl. Zlodyuzhke did not care about my grandmother and bread, she agreed to go to her for the sake of selfish ends. She needed the money, so she decided to take one of the rooms house for the grandmother. Granny paralyzed many years ago, and she obviously did not use the entire house, and Little Red Riding Hood knew it.

In the forest, all the wolves were divided on the concepts in the man-eating wolves, the wolf - rapists and Wolves are combined qualities of both of those, so to speak working on two rates. Little Red Riding Hood is easy to cope with the first two, telling them about his illness, but it's flowers, berries appear when the cap started all this and more to show. As for the poor fellows working two jobs, they have not met Red, maybe they are tired and sleep. Red Riding Hood so loved nature, admiring the flowers, tore down everything that comes his way, uproots trees, gather herbs, then smoked it. But most of all she loved the drunken berries on them she was ever good.

That is why Hood dreamed of becoming an agronomist and grow poppy. While the girl putting up ads:
"Zdam dёm with paralizzovanoy babushkoi.
Abrashatsya rubella, pasёlok Rotten ",
Wolf - killer sniffing its scent of pies. Seeing the girl in a red cap Wolf nor losing a second jumps and attacks ... or rather falls to the ground in a quiet horror. At this time the cap, as if nothing had happened, continued his way to his grandmother. When the wolf came around, seizures pinned poltela and shock he could not remember where he was going and whether he was at all. However, after seeing an ad on the tree with photos grandmother, he remembered that he was supposed to do: to kill an old woman, and he slowly galloped at an elderly lady.

At this time babashka as usual it is preparing for the next party. She never locked the door, as she had a low level of adrenaline in the blood. At 80, it is well preserved and was popular among men who, in fact, were her only guests at her soirées.

She knew that her fate is indifferent relatives, and because it was a smart woman, grandmother quickly spread the rumor that she was paralyzed, trying to evoke pity from relatives, but her efforts were in vain. She herself was terrified Volkov and dared not go to them myself. When dotage reached its climax, the old woman knew how to lure to themselves even someone other than the local drunks. She announced to everyone that I won the lottery, 100 thousand, which built his mansion. And by the way, Grandma was right, this method worked. That's only money she did not win, and hard-earned - in prostitution.
That Wolf and near my grandmother's house. In fact babtsya stealing strawberries from neighbors and her fancy man she was waiting for her in bed. But Wolf did not know, therefore, not understanding, I ate it ... that is it.

While Wolf saw a new house of the victim, digesting it, the old woman saw the villain, and called the hunter, who, incidentally, is also her fancy man. Hunter vividly cope with Wolf and went to recruit stones to them to dump the poor guy, in front of this covering Grandma Wolf panchohoy to fly does not fly. At this very moment has come Red Riding Hood. Seeing the sleeping grandmother Hood was delighted and decided obsmotret house, but stopped her intuition. Cap looked at her grandmother, sat down, and began to think aloud: "Why do you have such big ears? Why do you have such big teeth? And finally, why do you have such protruding eyes ?! "But then he remembered his mother's habit of sleeping with his eyes open, Hood calmed down, thinking that it is hereditary, she did not know that this is the Wolf, and his strangled.

At this point, the flies became more than ever. Red Riding Hood immediately smelled the smell of Grandma mouth and realized that Grandma had not washed her and decided to wake up and dress down ... Hood woke up any time soon. My grandmother was delighted that she remembers nothing. It took a couple of minutes and the girl is already helping to fill the hunter Wolf stones that then, when returning home, all windows porazbivala grandmother, since she was not allowed Riding Hood to begin the business of real estate.

Moral: Wolves can not be a walk in the forest one by one.


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