32 films from the unexpected outcome

You would never guess how these films run until screening them through. The result will surprise or even shock. I think you will have than to supplement this compilation. Fight Club

A screen adaptation of the cult novel by Chuck Palahniuk on the uncompromising struggle of non-conformism and society

Sixth Sense

Perfect specimen of the genre, has long become a classic. It is this tape introduced to the general public of Indian origin director M. Night Shyamalan and young talent Haley Joel Osment, whom Bruce Willis once said that he plays better than any adult. Alas, later career has not worked in both: Shyamalan did not manage to jump the bar once given, and Osment, matured completely lost the charm of the cat "Shrek."


Dramatic horror Frank Darabont, who has removed, inter alia, "The Shawshank Redemption," based on the Stephen King novel and differs from the text, perhaps the most important - the finale. Cards will not disclose, except to say that after watching the film, the writer was fully satisfied with his ending. And even he said that it was this development and implication in the book.

Life of David Gale

Respectable intellectual, an outspoken opponent of the condemned executions by the bitter irony is on death row for the murder of their colleague. Smart drama that justice may be fatally wrong, and some people in the fight for the idea of ​​easily pass all bounds.


A very brutal crime thriller about a psychopathic killer, to punish their victims for their mortal sins committed. Before starting the film in production, studio bosses strongly demanded slightly change the scenario - namely, to rewrite the ending. It is not known in what form eventually went to the tape, do not tell the weighty word Brad Pitt: actor refused to participate in the project, if anyone dares to touch the ending.


Gothic horror Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar, in the filmography is not a lot of work, but those that have, no doubt deserve viewing. Action "Other" takes place in the 40th. Nicole Kidman plays a mother of two children, moved with her children to the old mansion, where, instead of quietly waiting for the end of the war, a fragile blonde has to contend with the ghosts.


Another Spanish horror film about the kids: in a happy family suddenly lost a seven-year child and parents are knocked down, trying to find him. Fair warning: even against the background included in the selection of films from the finals, as they say, is not for the faint of heart "Shelter" stands alone. By the way, Hollywood works of young directors HA Baiona so impressed that trust - a couple with Sam Mendes - shoot series "Horror on the cheap." The first season will be released in 2014.

Shutter Island

The tape is the fourth joint project by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, filmed on the novel by Dennis Liheyna and the eyeballs stuffed typical artists: here you and Max von Sydow, and Ben Kingsley, and even Jackie Earle Haley - imagine them together, and you have become not by oneself. Those who, for whatever reason missed "Shutter Island," this information, perhaps, should be limited. We add only that the ending gives scope for imagination - is something to discuss with friends.

5 unknown

The intrigue of the tape is held in the old as the world, but does not lose its effectiveness admission: to collect in a confined space totally random at first sight people and make the viewer until the last minute to guess who bad guy who's our guy, and who indeed passed by. In this case, the problem is complicated by the fact that the characters themselves do not remember about themselves as a result of amnesia. In short, there is something to smash his head.

Loop time

It is extremely confusing futuristic thriller about the future, in which some gangsters have learned in the past to send unwanted persons. Like all the films based on travel back and forth in time, it has its fragile logic, which, however, it is better not to ponder - just watch and enjoy.


In the original film's title translates as "The Usual Suspects", which more accurately reflects the essence of where the events. After the attack, some bad guys, including five on the yacht, which gathered quietly crank up their affairs other bad guys alive there is only one. Now he is - the only lead investigator, eager to find a customer's entire event, mythical villain named Kaiser Souza. For those who have not watched - a great opportunity to play detective.


Irreconcilable rivalry between two magicians. With the transformations and movements of black cats, white doves, silk hat and people


Talented remake of "Infernal Affairs»

Mind Games

Biography of Nobel laureate


Thriller Christopher Nolan, put them on his own script based on the story of his brother «Memento Mori»


After serving 15 years for a crime he did not commit, Oh Dae-su goes free and starts to revenge offenders


Get a ticket to the "game", the hero has no idea how deep it will consume his life

Lucky Number Slevin

Bruce Willis lived up to the role of the Cat in the Good pretentious movie from the director of "Acid House»

Saw: The game of survival

Someone started a cruel game with the people he chooses, being guided by its own principles. The price of victory in this game - life


Awake now for a year, Trevor Reznik - an employee of one of the industrial factories on the verge of dream and reality, questioning everything that happens around

Deja vu

A fascinating analysis of the effect of deja vu


According to the author of the picture, on the creative idea of ​​spodvig famous Agatha Christie novel "Ten Little Indians»

Vanilla Sky

Horror-thriller about the suffering of the young man disfigured in a car accident, around which strange things happen


The minimalist thriller about how hard these days to get a high-paying job

Secret Window

Painting with Johnny Depp in the title role of a talented writer tells Morte Rainey, who is going through a creative crisis

Skeleton Key

Young girl finds a job as a nurse to the dying old man and finds himself embroiled in a bizarre events associated with the last of the old house


Earthlings finally dirtied our own planet, but has chosen a following

The Village

Mystical thriller about the city, lost in a forest inhabited by evil spirits


Four students of the English private school decided to spend a weekend in an abandoned bunker

Dream House

Daniel Craig in the role of a psychopath, just released from the hospital, and about the head of the family at the same time



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