As Red Riding Hood Wolf slammed

In general, all as in a fairy tale.
Me baby lived Anikke Lehtinen with mom and dad on a farm near the Finnish town of Kauhajoki. A granny and her grandfather lived in another hamlet. Not far away, especially if you walk along the path through the woods. The forest was completely harmless, in the sense that no terrible beast in him was not found quite a while already. Therefore mother and asked her daughter after school include grandparents certain amount of gear.
Fairy tale continues.
Girl puts on her favorite red beret, red jacket, takes the bag and skipping otpravilyaetsya the path through the woods. And here midway on the turn, just like in a fairy tale, wolf jumps out to meet her. Scheritsya beast and growls, screams of fright Anikke scream of fright and also throws in a predator bag. Oh well, that goes straight into the wolf's head. He wails, purses tail and runs away, like a whipped dog.
When the girl came home in tears and told her what had happened, the parents, naturally, was summoned by telephone rangers. And those found on the path first bag, and a few tens of meters ... a dead wolf. It turned out to bag my mother put a couple of jars of jam, covered with metal lids. (Prudent mom. I felt) A wolf was old and sick, we can say, on its last legs. But, nevertheless, 8-year-old Anikke Lehtinen instantly became famous thanks to local television, who recently interviewed her. It modern Little Red Riding Hood gave details about his fight with the wolf.

That's so. It is unsafe now wolves walking in the woods. Even during the day. No cap, and direct Ninja minors.


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