Smile in the quarter of a billion

"Mona Lisa" (or "La Gioconda") brush genius Leonardo - priceless paintings. In the sense that she never put up for auction, experts had not translated it the unforgettable smile nor in dollars or in pounds for sale. Because this masterpiece of all mankind is not for sale.
But its price has yet. In the form of insurance, which is now estimated at moving to another country. I must say that the "Mona Lisa" does not like to travel. Age, you know. Not ladies depicted on it, and the very fabric that is stored in the Louvre in a special "mausoleum".
For example, in the last century "La Gioconda" Only three left Paris. Here the city, years and cost "ticket", I mean belay policies.
1962 - Washington and New York (insurance - $ 100 million).
1974 - Tokyo and Osaka (insurance - $ 150 million).
1974 - on the way from Japan "Mona Lisa" travel visited the Pushkin Museum in Moscow (insurance - 170 million).
In this century, "La Gioconda" yet did not go anywhere. But recently in the Italian media flashed a message that the negotiations between France and Italy on a new tour of Da Vinci paintings. At home, in Florence, where Lisa Gherardini should reward countrymen (as well as everyone) his immortal smile. The question price - $ 250 million.

Smile, people. And you will be happy. Anyway, grimace or scowl do not appreciate it. Well, at least will be divided in two. That's me to the fact that the famous painting by Edvard Munch "The Scream" was sold at Sotheby's for $ 119, 9 million.


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