10 true stories about werewolves

Stories about werewolves - a dime a dozen. Here children and variations, like a fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf conversation on a forest path; and fully grown - enough to remember Jacob and the company of "Twilight." However, few know that the legend of the demi-poluvolkah did not arise out of nowhere. Here you will find ten true stories about these terrifying creatures.

1. Gilles Garnier

One day, the dark of the XVI century on the main square in the French town of Dole herald read the decree. In it contained a resolution to seize and destroy the werewolf, long time residents terrorized the entire region.

It began with the fact that, passing through the forest, local farmers have heard a bestial roar and shriek of the child. Rushing to the rescue, they found a wounded child, fiercely resisted nondescript monster. After a while the farmers were surprised to recognize the monster in his village resident Gilles Garnier. It was not long, and in the same decade of the edges of the missing boy. Garnier immediately became suspect number one. He was arrested, forced to acknowledge himself a werewolf, and burned at the stake.

2. Greifswald Werewolves

If you believe the annals of the German town of Greifswald, in 1640 its surroundings have undergone this invasion werewolves. At nightfall, residents locked in their homes for all the bars, and even afraid to stick his nose out of the house.

This continued up until a group of students had not decided that it was time to put an end to it. Young people gathered all the silver that could find - cups, dishes, buttons, etc., melted and cast bullets. Carefully prepared and armed, the students went on the hunt. Details of the night unknown, but after her again Greifswald residents could safely walk at night.

3. Werewolf of Ansbach

In 1685 a huge bloodthirsty wolf terrorized the Bavarian town of Ansbach. It was rumored that the wolf was actually a werewolf, with the vast majority of sin on the deceased shortly before the mayor. When the wolf finally killed the inhabitants of Ansbach dressed corpse of the animal as usual dressed aforementioned mayor put on display in the town square, and later moved the remains to the museum.

4. The Werewolf of Klein Krams

Once the dense forests near the German village of Klein-Krams was the traditional place match hunters. Hunting enthusiasts gathered here from all over the country to showcase their art. And everything is good, but only wound up in these places a mysterious huge wolf, invulnerable to bullets. He mocked like hunters: having admitted to his firing range, and then suddenly disappear. Sometimes, and carry off the trophy hunting.

Once past the village was driving one of the agonists, a young cavalry officer. His attention was attracted by a group of children, with cries of horror runs out of the house. The officer tried to find out what happened and learned that live in this village boy who has a habit of being left alone at home, turn into a wolf, and catch up on the neighbor's fear rebyatnyu.

The officer was very surprised by the strange game of children's imagination. But looking through the window, he really saw a huge wolf. A few moments later on the site of the beast was standing a little boy.

5. The Werewolf of Pavia

In 1541, the farmer got into the habit of the Italian city of Pavia attack the lone travelers anywhere in the field or on the road. He glared with a growl in his victims teeth and literally tore apart. I suffered a lot of people.

When a serial killer was caught, he said that he considers himself a real wolf. And the fact that wool is not visible - so she grows he is not outside, but inside. Only this he differs from the other wolves.

To test this claim, the judge ruled the accused cut off the hands and feet. After that accident died from loss of blood.

6. Chalon werewolf

History of Chalons werewolf known as Demon Taylor - one of the most terrible. A hearing on the case took place on 14 December 1598. Surfaced during the trial of the details were so monstrous that the court decided to destroy all the relevant documents. Even the real name of this monster was forgotten.

For his crime Demon Taylor was burned at the stake. According to rumors, he lured children of both sexes in his shop, raped and cut the throat, and then chipped the body into small pieces and cooked.

And when the dusk, he turns into a wolf, prowling through the woods and attacked passers-by was late.

In the basement, Taylor found a few barrels of bones and other chilling evidence. He died a werewolf (again rumored) without repentance.

7. Claudia Gayar from Burgundy

Claudia Gayar was one of several hundred casualties, came to hand zealous witch-hunter Henry Bogetu. I found a witness who said that with his own eyes, as a woman hiding in the bushes, turned into a huge and somehow tailless wolf. Claudia was arrested and tortured. On torture the judge recalled this: "For all the torture no one saw her shed a tear even. Despite all the efforts of the executioners. " Then the poor man burned at the stake.

8. Michael Verdun, a werewolf from Poligny

I went in 1521 - the most that neither is the deep Middle Ages. Inquisitor of the Besancon French tortured Philibert Monti Burgo Pierre and Michel Verdun, requiring them to plead werewolves, made a deal with the devil.

Three men came under suspicion after a single traveler on a drive through the neighborhood, was attacked by a wolf. Defensively, he wounded the animal, and then the wolf ran away. In pursuit of the beast on the trail of blood, the traveler reached the hut of a local resident, Michel Verdun.

He found the owner at the time when the wife is not washed the wounds of his body. What it was immediately reported to the local authorities. Under torture, Verdun, of course, in all confessed. And even has named two more werewolves, who also soon confessed all the crimes for which prosecutors had enough imagination: devil worship, murder and cannibalism. All three were executed.

9. Werewolf of Benandanti

This happened in 1692 in Livonia (historical. Area on the territory of modern Latvia and Estonia). 80-year-old man named Tees broke his nose. And when compassionate neighbors asked him how it happened, we heard in response to the most unexpected confession:

Tis said that he is a werewolf, and his nose broken Skestan local sorcerer, who by this time had long been dead. Later, in court, the old man explained that Skistan and several other witches would put the spell on nearby crops and steal the entire crop to hell. In order to prevent the commission of mischief, Tees turned into a wolf, and a few more in the company of his fellow werewolves descended into hell, defeated wizards and save the crops.

Battle werewolves with sorcerers, according to Tisza, took place three times a year. If werewolves suddenly hesitated and sorcerers have time to lock the gates to hell - down the drain! And the crops will die, and the cattle peredohnet even fish - and that will not be caught.

During the battle fought with steel rods werewolves, witches - brooms. Then Skistan and broke his nose Tees broom handle, to which was attached a ponytail.

Recognition has made a great impression on the judges, as they have always believed werewolves servants of the devil. When Tisza asked what happens to the souls like him after his death, the old man said with confidence - go to paradise. And insisted that his and others like him were called "God's dogs." Werewolves, they say, helps to preserve the human race on earth abundance. Without them, people would have long since died out.

At the end of his speech Tees he assured that the community of the same "good" werewolves there is in Germany and Russia. For the sake of the peoples entrusted to them, they descend into their national Hell and enter into battle with their sorcerers.

All this is laid out Tees most confident tone, not confused in the testimony. From the meeting with the parish priest resolutely refused, stating that he is his own Father. And he added - it is not the first nor the last, with or without a war with werewolves witches continue.

In the end, the judge, after long deliberation, sentenced Tisza ten lashes for idolatry and superstition.

10. Jean Grenier

In early spring 1603 the whole area Landes, which is south-west of France was gripped with terror. The fact that the village began to disappear mysteriously small children. A case where a sleeping baby gone straight from the cradle when the mother excused myself to just a few minutes. Some wolves have sinned; others shook their heads and mumbled under his breath, that everything is much worse.

Universal horror reached the point where 13-year-old girl named Margaret Poirier ran home wounded and vowed that she was attacked by a terrible monster. Girl herding cows when the animal jumped out of the woods with the red hair that looks like a giant dog, and grabbed the dress with its sharp teeth. Fortunately, hand Margarita was tough to stick with a pointed metal tip, which she courageously defended and chased the monster.

After a short time, and once in the company of village boys, son of a poor day laborer, 14-year-old Jean Grenier boasted that it was he turned into a wolf attacked the young Margaret. And if not for the stick, be sure to eat it, as you did before with three or four other children.


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