The most mysterious places in Russia

If someone wants to tickle your nerves, then I suggest you some geographic features on the map of Russia.
They say that these places are strange and bad. Just for the thrill.

Eastern Siberia. Federal highway "Kolyma».

This is the place about which they say: "It is better you to us!". Kolyma. Or rather, Kolyma tract: ice road (2 000 km) connecting Magadan and Yakutsk. The two are not the most pleasant place in the world. Records beating the cold it is here - the temperature occasionally drops to - 70 degrees Celsius. And geologists, anthropologists and parapsychologists struggling in search of explanations focus that at times presented local lakes, mountains, trees, animals, and the circuit itself.

In the years of repression of the Kolyma highway was a million Soviet prisoners. Half stayed there. Local old-timers remember how icy corpses strewn along the road. The enemies of the people, criminals and corrupt served as a natural sealant primer coating tract. If the dead and buried (in the warmer months), then immediately - on the sidelines. Do not be surprised when you offer "please bony" (ie, to seek human remains in the ground). There is something like sports and divination at the same time: found hipbone - money, edge - to a quiet family happiness, the skull - for promotion. In several places (in the area of ​​Yakutsk and Khandyga) highway is only supported by ferry (summer) or ice (in winter) crossings and does not work in the offseason. Three or four cars a day - by local standards is considered to be an intense movement. Under these conditions, any failure can be fatal for the car and for its owner. In the summer out of the snow are the charred skeletons of iron: drivers set fire to their cars to warm up to 50 - 60 degrees below zero. Sometimes it does not help - and not far from the core of the machine are its owner.

As dobratsyaNa car from Magadan in the north-zapad.Vprochem, the locals believe that the extreme climatic conditions and the atmosphere of a giant graveyard - not the worst of what is on the Kolyma. The real adventure begins on the lakes. On Red, Labynkyr and gates for the last decade, it lost more than a hundred people. Yakuts said that bottomless hiding places huge animal. In addition to Labynkyr there are three islands disappearing under water with a strange regularity. Local confident that the island is actually - of the monster that goes to the bottom after each successful hunt.

Russian werewolves in St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg. CSPA "Leninist».

"You better not wander at night here. Especially not go down down - there will run, sharahnet hoof ... We had one such high-spirited. On the night of the dispute wanted to sleep in the basement ... barely leg claimed. Then he really did, and could not tell. He and whiskey the night was too much grayer ... "Valery V., a night watchman Research Institute of Radio Electronics CSPA" Leninist ", everyone says the same thing: not surveyed diggers cellars in the heart of Peter inhabit werewolves. These semipeople the Half-rush through the underground city at night, but the morning always return home - in the cellars of the Research Institute.

Centaurs, of course, belong to the mythology, which is not the Soviet experience in the field of genetics. Back in the 20s in Leningrad, it was organized by the special laboratory, whose mission, in modern parlance, was the human genome. In the 30's the laboratory was disbanded and the staff seems to be off to Siberia. This - the official and well-known version of the inglorious end of the first "protogenetikov" of the USSR. But according to other sources (Collection of Documents "Top Secret. Lubyanka - Stalin. 1922-1934 years." Moscow, 2001), no scientist was exiled. On the basis of the secret special laboratory was set up even more secret special laboratory, directly under the NKVD.

As dobratsyaSankt Petersburg, Moskovsky pr., 212.O its activities a bit of information: it is located just in the building of CSPA "Leninist", was under the personal leadership of Beria, allegedly carried out experiments here, the crossing of people, rats, dogs, horses, fish and other representatives of the animal world, like every year (up to 70s.) on the table the heads of state went to a secret report about the successes of the Soviet genetic thought. Until recently, it seemed that these "seem to be" totally inadequate to believe the stories guard uncle Valera. But in early 1999, were made public the documents according to which each year (for 30-50-ies.) In a special department of the Leningrad NKVD (later the MGB and KGB) directed about 200 inmates "for a holistic analysis of the physiological and mental state and to develop techniques correction of violations. " This also was taken to the sick or injured animals from nearby collective farms and sovhozov.Tak that it is likely that, having gained the confidence to Valeriy, you can spend an unforgettable night in St. Petersburg and, if lucky, get imposing gray temples.

Russia, which we have sunk
Nizhny Novgorod Region. Lake Svetloyar. Kitezh.

Neither Russian historical thought, no Orthodox theology to the question "Where have gone the Russian land" so plainly and did not answer. But it is known, "Where have gone the Russian land." Under the water. He drowned in the XIII century. To find it, it is recommended to dive into the lake Svetloyar goal - "the underwater kingdom of Kitezh».

In 1237, when the Tatar evil burns Holy Russia, a traitor pointed the way for the invaders Kitezh. The city was in a remote swampy area, so there flocked to the refugees in the hope that the invaders will be a party. The Mongols found the city, besieged it, and assaulted several days kitezhskie wall. This is where it happened, and the mystical and unknown. When it became clear that the city will be taken, all its inhabitants were closed in many churches and prayed for spasenii.Letopis says that the miracle took place. In the eyes of the astonished enemy soldiers Kitezh disappeared - disappeared under the water its churches, towers, towers. Where just standing Kitezh arose Svetloyar lake. Since then, out of the water hear the bell chimes, church hymns, the chirping of birds, the barking of dogs and the like spetseffekty.S legend of Kitezh still associated belief in the existence of the earth Russian spiritual and mystical center stand against the Antichrist and all evil. < br />

One of the first documents telling about the journey in an enchanted place, it was a letter of a soldier, dated 1702 year. Mother thought he was dead, but, as the messages, all the time he lived in the Greater Kitezh. In a letter to a soldier talks about the religious practices of the inhabitants of the holy city, "Every night their prayers ascended to heaven Pillar of Fire, and this light can be freely read and write».

As dobratsyaOt Nizhny Novgorod on a ride to the village of Vladimir Resurrection rayona.Pervaya archaeological expedition to the lake was established in 1968. That's when a geologist Vladimir Nikishin found that Svetloyar formed on the site of the failure of the crust. Scuba divers and hydrologists found that the bottom of the reservoir consists of three levels located at different depths: 9, 23 and 31 meters. The analysis raised from the bottom of the rocks allowed us to determine that most deep-water part of the failure occurred 1500 years ago, the second - 700 years ago, third - 400. Thus, scientists have confirmed that in the XIII century, there was a serious natural disaster. In addition, they found at the bottom of the remnants of civilization - and shards kostyashki.Nesmotrya all your sins, you have a very good chance "to hear and behold." It is said that anyone who will hold near the lake two or three months, gets his share of holiness. Who saw the column of monks walking on the water at night who - Central Russian beauties in the headdress, dancing in the afternoon in the middle of the lake. Members of the community "Kitezh" (more than two people residing here) can tell dozens of similar cases, the visions. Where there Castaneda with his mescaline.

Underground Union scale
Leningrad region. Sablinskie cave.

Sablinskie cave for a long time remained one of the most secret facilities of the country. In the late '70s to the Central Committee almost monthly discussed the situation in Sablino. And though each entry and exit of the cave and stood sentry Sablino considered semi-closed area. Foreigners were not allowed there, and locals know that the appearance in the region threatens to trouble. About Sablino not talk on the radio, no newspapers, not to tell Televisions while hiding in the catacombs escaped prisoners and other irresponsible elements. Every year, law enforcement agencies to report the disappearance of these places about a dozen people. Naturally, the blame on the cave of bandits. But almost all transactions for their neutralization, capture or elimination ended in nothing. Sablinskie cave - it stretched for dozens of kilometers intricate maze of lakes and extensive facilities. The length of the catacombs Coast alone currently exceeds 7 km (ceiling height - 160-180 cm, in the halls - up to 5 m). So find someone there - a task almost impossible. However, children themselves dungeon believed that the real reason for missing people has been the impact of some otherworldly force. It existed a legend that the planet thus protects itself - forms attractive to visit the underground corridors and caves and then simply swallow the hated representatives of the human race. Himself cavemen ranked as part of the suffering of the race. And therefore we assumed that the planet belongs to them favorably - in caves, they felt it was bezopasnosti.V truth. Scientists say that extensive cave system is the result of development of quartz sand, which were conducted in the area in the period from the end of XVII and the beginning of XX century. In 1922, the last business left here, and caves healed his own life. For two or three decades of active groundwater changed the structure of sandy soil. Many cavers, visited Sablino say about the phenomenon of underground "quicksand" or "sandy bogs", as the main danger lurking here. They suggest that a mixture of water and sand could cause the disappearance of people: curious travelers just sucks. And who settled here "affected" remained alive thanks to that originally chose inaccessible, but learned the place. After they got here at the invitation of a community whose members used only proven strokes.

Alexey Gurevich, a member of the "Pilgrims»:

- Few people remember about those times is now. Although this was something quite amazing. Several dozen people lived in the cave, read philosophical treatises, speculating about the prospects of a new revolution ... Sometimes someone completely disappeared. Initially, all blamed on the police or security services, but it soon became clear that this was not the case. When missing one of the leaders of the group were rumors about some force, which allegedly destroys all life in its path. What was it - I do not know. Some talked about the creatures living under the ground, the other about the coming cataclysms and "planetary self-defense." As if the Earth reacts to human activities ...

This was a major factor in the fact that almost all the "podzemelniki" went from there ...

As dobratsyaNa train - from the Moscow railway station St. Petersburg Sablino station located in the village of Ulyanovka (40 km from St. Petersburg). Then by bus or minibus to Sablinskaya pescher.V Sablina underground labyrinths in the 80s it lived about 200 people. They called themselves dissidents or "political" and formed groups, communicate with each other underground. Here are some names of teams' byaki "" Grand "," Edelweiss "," Atasu "," sadists "," shafts "," Pilgrims "," Bats "," Kamikaze ".Currently on existing underground groups nothing is known. But people continue to disappear here almost as often as before ... By the way, guided walk through the catacombs (to secure their parts) will cost you only 550 rubles.

The rebels from the FAQ
Moscow. Moscow State University.

The capital is not only a bad apartment, but whole building bad. One of them - all well-known building of Moscow State University on Vorobyovy gorah.V ​​mid-90s mentally unbalanced marginal party activists "Northern Sunrise" declared the center "heptagonal Moscow kingdom" MSU. After another sacrament, arranged by "northerners" right in the lobby of the building, the patrol police escorted a few were in a state of ecstatic people in the office, and from there straight to the main psihushku.Vybor skyscrapers of Moscow as the place of the Sabbath was not accidental. Before construction there was a village Vorobyov, enjoys the reputation of the center vsemoskovskogo sorcerers and magicians. Local stories about flying heads, ears and various evil spirits were popular with folk storytellers in the late XIX century. Even diaries aircraft Krylov found the mention of "the suburban realm of evil spirits located in Vorobyevo." After the war, only a few years, the area has been changed: 320 407 hectares of established university facilities. From the village there was not a sleda.V 40-50-ies, during construction, the present territory of the Moscow State University was transformed into a concentration camp. Erection of the University engaged in prisoners. According to unofficial data, about two thousand people were killed right on the site. Some of them were here and buried. They say the prisoners walled up informers directly into the wall. The death of thousands could not provoke a variety of horror stories among future generations of students. Stories about walking, flying, leaping corpses appeared in the early 60s godov.Kandidat History Akhtyrsky Fedor: "It sounds crazy, but I have several times heard and seen at 15 and 23 floors, something very strange. Some noise, conversations, translucent shapes ... "In the late '90s a group of researchers of the paranormal all (led by Sargis Ter-Oganyan) failed to register on the hill of MSU powerful resonant sound emissions. What this means is not explained Sarkis. But he said: "We have identified several" dark "areas on the upper floors of the building. Interest and checked for other Moscow skyscrapers - everything is fine. " Maybe just forgot to turn the light?

As dobratsyaMoskva. On the metro station "University", then peshkom.Do still some basements and upper floors of the Moscow State University are closed to the public. In Soviet times, the room, located in the steeple, belonged to the KGB and were used for surveillance of the movements of senior officials. What's going on there now, is unknown. From the start on Moscow rumors that MSU goes underground floors at the same rate, how many towers over her. They appeared in 1949, when the annual "Soviet architecture" published a plan of the building. Unlike other high-rises, the MSU has been shown just above ground level. What will happen when Mr. Ter-Oganyan will go down to the cellars ... Source:


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