5 things you need to know if you are between twenty and thirty

When you "twenty-something", it seems that in front of funny and hassle life. And with this feeling you live ten years, "enjoying a young" .Because one night at the door knocking tridtsatnik. And you know that the most productive time of life spent God knows what. So, the site says that you need to know about the time between twenty and thirty years.

1. "Thirty - a new twenty┬╗ h3> The big mistake of the new millennium is that the age of twenty to thirty is considered the age when "you can walk." Allegedly, "thirty - that's the new twenty." The health of many, many forces, and it seems like it will last forever. But it is a deceptive position.

Scientists have proven that 80% of the fateful events occur in a person's life to thirty-five years.

Two-thirds of the growth of the income account for the first ten years of career; For thirty years, more than half of people get married, start dating or living together with future companions of life; < Human personality is changing most active from twenty to thirty years; For thirty years the human brain completes its development; women's reproductive function peaks in twenty-eight years.

2. "After thirty, I truly alive!┬╗ H3> There is an interesting myth that haunts those who are between twenty and thirty. People in this age think that after thirty life quickly changes and becomes much steeper than twenty. We believe that if our lives do not happen nothing interesting in the twenty-odd years, it will happen after thirty.

However, during one of the few research staff of Boston and the University of Michigan analyzed hundreds of stories written by famous people at the end of their earthly journey. They found that important events took place from birth to death, but still that part of them which determined the future life, accounted for a period of twenty to thirty years.

3. What actually happens after thirty? H3> If you do not build up to thirty is no platform that will be a very sad and heavy ten. To hen we leave everything for later, after thirty on our shoulders rests a huge load: we need to something to succeed, get married and have children, to earn money and buy an apartment, to establish a business or achieve promotion - all in a very short period of time. Many of these tasks are simply incompatible; In addition, after thirty much more difficult to deal with all of these simultaneously.

4. The best time to build a career h3> The most important events in the career field, oddly enough, are taking place at this time.

About two-thirds of the wage increase falls on the first ten years of professional activity.

In twenty years, people may be feeling that there is still ten years, during which they will earn more and more, but it's only a dream. No matter how safely passed this period, those who started a career rather late and will not be able to bridge the gap that separates them from those who have been promoted through the ranks before.

5. Serious approach to relations h3> If you build a career can be compared to a game of blackjack (when you need to see the cards, making decisions, to play with both hands, remembering at the same time the current winnings, be prepared to take the risk), then choose a life partner - that's all like go to the roulette wheel, and put all his chips on red.

One solution depends on your choice of partner, and all related aspects of adult life. Money, work, life, family, health, leisure, retirement and even death - everything turns into a running race in pairs (when the leg of one runner associated with the other leg).

Therefore, when in twenty years people postpone the creation of long-term relationship for later, should understand that in thirty years it will be much harder to do.

Inactivity between twenty and thirty - dangerous. Of course, after thirty brain remains plastic, but it has not developed such a frantic pace as before. These "golden" decade - the most easy time to become what we hope to become. Do not wake him.

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