Cheese curd - crimson.

500 gr. cottage cheese,
500 gr. sour cream,
condensed milk 0, 5 banks,
powdered sugar 200g.
20 g gelatin.
sponge cake,
fruit jelly 1 sachet.
vanilla 1 package.

Method of preparation:
Cottage cheese, sour cream, condensed milk, vanilla, powdered mix well and whip in a blender or mixer.
Dissolve gelatin and instructions for adding a lot. Beat well again.
At the bottom of the form with the ferrule (Split) laid biscuit.
Put the cake on the whole cottage cheese and put in the cold for freezing.
At this time, we plant fruit jelly - bag for 400ml. water - I'm doing a 250 ml.
Now cottage cheese stack Frozen raspberries and pour jelly.
I put in the cold for the final solidification.
When frozen - to get out of the mold and sprinkle with coconut. Done.
Bon Appetite !!!


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