Vast woman!

This woman madly wants to get fat!

Donna Simpson of New Jersey, the United States is actively trying to become the fattest woman in the world - to do it upotreblinet up to 12,000 calories a day. Now the 42-year-old Donna weighs only 273 kilograms, but the cherished dreams of 450 kilograms.

On the Internet, anyone can see the money as Donna dinner. This web site gives her about $ 2,000 in net earnings last month, nearly covering the cost of food. "I love the food, and people love watching me eat - says Donna - It makes people happy, and does not harm anyone. I will get better more and beat the world record! ". Civil husband, 49-year-old Philip does not want Donna grew thin. On the contrary, it encourages it to recover more. Donna and her boyfriend met on a dating site for people with more weight. Philippe - a big fan of fatties, despite the fact that he only weighs 68 kilos.

Donna, who wears a dress size XXXXXXXL, can not pass a hundred meters to have a seat because of shortness of breath. In order not to walk on its own feet, she even bought a special mobile scooter.

In this woman insists that she is absolutely healthy, feel great, and the extra weight does not bother her to live. On the contrary, she complains that losing weight because of household chores. "For my daughter can not keep up, and because of that my weight is going down" - she told British newspaper The Daily Mail.


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