Burning forests in eastern Ukraine

Due to the sweltering heat and dryness of the catastrophic fire risk is increased many times. Here and in the east of Ukraine flashed ...

On July 28 near the town of Severodonetsk (Lugansk region, Ukraine) there was a huge fire, the cause of which could be continued in the region of anomalous heat. Because of the strong wind the fire in the shortest time spread to forested areas with a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 140 hectares!

From any point of the city could be seen a huge front smoke, which only grew with time.

Road blocked only in the evening.

In the heat of summer colony, and turned out to be 2 camps. Some people were driving toward the epicenter that would make sure that their villas all right.

People sought closer to the fire itself: someone wanted to help someone just to see.

Ambulances went to fetch water in the city or elsewhere. Firefighters had to travel long distances to fetch water.


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