One of the most popular sex toys for men

Perhaps the most common purchase from men in the field of sex toys are vibrating masturbators . There are a huge number of models and modifications. Picking one option can be extremely difficult. Consider this topic in more detail to select the most suitable unit.

The vibrating masturbator is designed to stimulate all planes of the male penis. Delivers similar sensations as during sexual intercourse with a woman. The distinctive qualities include the absence of mechanical movements. Pleasant vibrations are generated by a built-in electric motor, powered by AA batteries or built-in batteries (charging from a wall outlet).

Usage algorithm
The process is simple and can be expressed in the following steps:
  1. A device is taken, a moisturizing composition is applied to the excited penis, a lubricant is necessary to prevent erasing of the skin, to exclude any negative sensations;
  2. The penis is inserted into the hole, the button for turning on the electric motor is pressed to generate vibrations;
  3. After the end of the procedure, the device is washed, it is advisable to wipe the surfaces that are in contact with the penis with alcohol to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant moments in the future.

Species diversity
Devices are divided according to the following parameters:
  • layout, with one and two holes of different sizes;
  • the created image of the holes, the most common vagina, the anus and mouth are extravagant;
  • the material used for contact with the penis, can be silicone, thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, cybernetic skin and some others;
  • maximum depth and diameter of the hole;
  • the presence of additional functions in the form of heating the part that is in contact with the penis, sound (passionate women's groans), control through a program on a smartphone or tablet computer.

The price of the product mainly depends on the chemical inertness of the material in contact with the penis and the size. The color scheme of the case, manufacturer, weight play an indirect role.

Selection Tips
The following recommendations will help you choose the best option for a vibrating masturbator:
  • if you have a medium-sized penis, then buy a product up to 20 cm long, its use is as convenient as possible;
  • give preference to devices with silicone contact material for the penis, it is chemically and biologically inert, any allergic reactions are excluded;
  • do not save, try to buy units in the middle and high price range, made from quality materials, as a result, they have a long service life.


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