I work in an ambulance, I came to a call to a child and found my husband in someone else's house

Relationships between people can sometimes go beyond "normalcy." Intrigues, secrets, secret families and so on - all this takes place and is even closer than you think. Interestingly, in most cases, you will never be able to think of anything about such a person, but reality shows the opposite.

One of our readers told her sad story. Naturally, it's all about the attitude of people to each other, honesty and love. But, frankly, what is most surprising is how long the deception lasted. But let's better talk about everything from the very beginning.

Secret families Like my husband Vlad, I come from the same city. The story is pretty commonplace. We were friends since childhood, at school we already walked together. Then they got to one institute, where they got married in the first year. To be honest, we did have love, I think so. But I was also in a position, so the wedding was an obvious step.

A young family with a small daughter and almost no money. Probably, this alignment is familiar to a huge number of young families. Well, at that time we had a sea of energy, a desire to develop, and we plowed as best we could. Years passed, and sleepless nights taking notes bore fruit. We got to our feet, things went well.

Since Julia was the only child in the family, of course, she got the love of both mom and dad. We tried to surround her with the best toys and books. She already went to the best kindergarten in the city at that time. In addition, in the evenings we all talked together and taught my daughter something new. If, of course, there was enough strength for it. It’s not surprising that she became an excellent student, and then got married and drove off abroad.

As I already said, we worked very hard and tightly, even when we were under 40. Vlad got a new job with a much higher salary. The only negative is frequent business trips. I was bored, so I took a part-time job in my specialty. I went with a driver in an ambulance.

The work was not difficult, since my shifts took only a few hours, and most of the patients were grannies with nothing to do. On the one hand, they did a good deed, but on the other, I’m not so bored. Of course, there were serious things, but I was ready for them too.

And then one day a call on the other side of the city: a child, five years old, cannot bring down the temperature for the second day. We need to go. We were met by a nice woman and led into the room. It was clear that she was worried about her son. By the way, another boy was running around the apartment, brother, as far as I could understand.

I began my examination. It was necessary to find out if the boy needed hospitalization. After a while, the father of the children came, who, as I understood, decided to ask what the problem was. And here I had a shock. The man who came into the room was my Vlad. As soon as he saw me, he immediately turned pale and turned around. He went to another room until his woman saw us together. I think she would have understood everything right away.

It was incredibly difficult to control myself, but it was worth it. After making sure that everything was in order with the child, I got into the ambulance and, complaining about my health, asked to take me back. At home I cried, probably for several hours. I wanted to contact my friend and go somewhere, but she was not able to.

It was then that I contacted my daughter and told her everything. Since we didn't have a very big age difference, we talked about almost any topic. My daughter immediately supported me and even asked me to drop everything and come to her. In the South, they say, I will quickly come to my senses, at the same time I will improve my health. She did not say anything about her father, but it was clear that she was condemning.

Having calmed down a bit, I decided to get dressed. I had to get out of the house, freshen my head a little. Suddenly Vlad came. He didn’t say anything, he was just silent, his head bowed. Then he suddenly fell to his knees and literally began to beg for forgiveness. Said he would never cross the threshold of that house again. When I asked if they were his children, he answered in the affirmative. At that moment, I realized that I could never be with him again.

We talked a little more. Basically it was my monologue about divorce and division of property. He only apologized and looked at the floor. That was fine with me. I wasn't even angry. What for? I will probably be able to give birth to another child at the age of 39. The daughter is already an adult and well-arranged. Why do I need this person who has been deceiving me for so long.

But what surprised me most was that he was ready to betray his own children. How can you even think of any kind of trust after this? What a terrible, terrible person. How could I spend half my life on him ?!


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