Foglights with their hands

How to fix a fog lamp on your car.

We need a broken lamp:

Remove the remnants of the old glass and old sealant as possible.

Next we are measuring the diameter of the headlights and select a suitable diameter glass jar or bottle. I almost perfectly
came the usual three-liter jar. I do not think at this point there can be problems - store shelves abound container
any volumes, shapes and colors!

Now, we take a glass cutter and outlines a line near the bottom of the can

Of course it is impossible to break off the glass by incised lines, especially if you draw it in such a shitty glass cutter that was me.
Therefore, at the same time we do 2 things: put the kettle boiled and put a jar in the refrigerator
(to rapidly cool it, I filled it with water from a well)

Take a cold jar, hot kettle and pour the boiling water into the jar

As soon as we hear the crackle glass. Result - will fall off the bottom of the banks

As I said, I had a glass cutter at the shit, so do not fucking split off the bottom of a flat incised lines,
but it does not matter - Remove unnecessary projections using the same glass cutter and pliers (unfortunately the process was filmed).

Then we put in the groove of the housing fog sealant


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