The cozy towns of Ukraine – the list for weekend trips

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The traditional city of Ukraine where I love to ride Ukrainian tourists —often large regional centers with rich history and many original historic buildings. Their main drawback is that they have already managed to partly lose its authenticity and become a regular place to visit without any unique features. That is why more and more tourists pay attention to small towns that can offer something new and really interesting.

Such settlements are actually very a lot and they all have unique features worthy of attention. Sometimes interesting cities of Ukraine can be a population of several thousand people, but have a special charm and appeal.

Not far from Kremenchug, on the right Bank of the Dnieper river is the regional center Onufriivka, which is completely uncalled for and did not become the object of attention of tourists from all over the world, although historically important places there really is a lot. For example, you can take there is located the summer residence of count Tolstoy. This is a huge Park complex with artificially dug a lake, an artificial island and a unique Park landscape. At the moment the majority of buildings there is on the decline, although visitors to the building this old, built from burnt red bricks will seem really unique. Take a stroll in the Park, enjoying the accessible types — a special kind of pleasure, because thus it is possible to live in touch with the fact that in ancient times the aristocratic class believed really the best place for vacation in the summer.


If you still have doubts with regards to where to go for the weekend in Ukraine, another interesting place could be the city of Sochi, which is located on the banks of the southern bug river on the border of Kirovograd, Vinnitsa and Odessa regions. That is where is Europe's longest still functioning narrow gauge railroad, and a unique car brand Winters, designed for travel on such tracks. Nearby is Kazavchyn village, where in times of Bohdan Khmelnytsky was standing with his troops, Ivan Bogun, and our time is regularly Cossack festival.

The result is obvious — the country is rich in small towns with its glorious history, where you should definitely go to experience the rich history of the native land and just enjoy a wonderful and unique nature of Central Ukraine.



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