5 most popular street games of the last century, which You may remember


Only 20-30 years ago the yards of our cities was quite similar to modern. Now they can only see a young mom looking after the kids, and then kids of all ages from spring to autumn and on Sunny winter days spent their free time outside the home. What did they do without gadgets and specially equipped playgrounds? Talked, played tag, hide and seek, football. Children of past generations were able to entertain themselves with simple items: chalk, ball, underwear elastic, wooden sticks. The street was a real school of life, and in their simple games, the children were preparing for the adult world: learning to be friends, to act in a team, to show independence, to be responsible for their actions, find ways out of difficult situations.

Running, jumping, throwing a ball, and just the whole day spent in the fresh air and under the sun, making children hardy, healthy, ready for any test. Modern children do not tend to the yard, because with friends you can communicate virtually, and the screens of gadgets is much more interesting sandboxes, slides and horizontal bars. To rectify the situation, to teach the children spend time playing mobile games can only parents.

They remember how fun it was to play hopscotch in the house, skittles. Grandparents certainly played in the other or halahala. It's a shame if these games will be forgotten and disappear. Let's remember together.




For this simple game needs only a piece of chalk, a flat rock-cue and a bit of clean asphalt in a safe place. Draw 10 or more squares connected to each other, numbered in order and jump from one to another on one leg, pushing the cue ball in front of him so that she flew across the cage, did not get to the line and to ourselves not to step on the line. This is not to touch the asphalt with the other leg. Made the error out of the game until, while everyone else will not go wrong and turn again will go to him.

In the complicated version the classics the cells are numbered out of order, and so had to jump sideways or backwards. While unfold is prohibited. This level is usually performed without the chops. In France there is an interesting variant of the classics called Escargot (snail). In this game the cells are drawn in a spiral, like a snail shell. Require players to hop to the center and back on one leg, not touching lines. Those who succeed, said any cell to be in the next round to be able to rest on it, putting both feet. Other players can't step on that square and have to jump over. The game ends when most of the cells become registered, and jump is impossible. Then the number of registered cells is counted, and the winner is determined.

In hopscotch there are Champions: American Ashrita Furman completed the round of 10 cells bidou for 68 seconds.

"Rezinochka" 8cddb753e4.jpg

Rubber band – a favorite game girls 80-90s. In the courts were held hours-long Championships, and to participate in them, many trained at home, pulling the elastic on the chair legs.

Of equipment for this game you need only a linen elastic band with a length of about 2 meters. She is bound in a ring and stretched the legs of two participants. The third jumps between stretched rubber bands, performing in various combinations, initially at the level of the ankle, then at the level just below the knee to above the knee. When these levels are completed, players holding the elastic band to close my legs, and everything is repeated at different heights.

Then the same is repeated on the maximum width of the legs on the "carrot" and "needles". The most famous jump combinations: pedestrians, birch, steps, bows, candy. Every city had its own aerobatics, and so it was interesting to learn new rules by playing the rubber in a summer camp or visiting girls in the yard.

As in the classics, the error entails the removal from the game for the role holder gum. However, if you played two on two, then a friend could help pereprygnet challenging the party for both.

"Small towns" 3bfe1de851.jpg

Towns – ancient and manly game, part of our national culture. In the early 20th century it could play everything from boys to fathers. It is known that to spill over into party towns loved Tolstoy, Gorky, Shalyapin, Lenin, Stalin and many other famous people.

At first glance, the rules are simple, as in bowling is to knock down the bat figures made of wooden chocks. However, detailed examination shows that much more complicated.

All the details of the game in towns is strictly regulated: figures composed from 5 chocks, the distance from them to the players 13 metres, length bits is not more than 1 meter. The shape is considered to be broken if all their elements went beyond the pad 2x2 m

There are 15 pieces: a gun, a fork, a star, an arrow, a well, a crankshaft, artillery, racket, machine gun nest, cancer, guards, sickle, airplane, letter. They are on the court at a time or all at once. Skittles can be played one on one or teams. The winner is the one who knocks all the figures the least amount of throws. This game requires strength, agility, accuracy, patience, develops the ability to work in a team. Today skittles is played in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Czech Republic, USA, held the world Championships and even seriously considered Olympic prospects for gorodki sport.


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The game the other is almost unknown today, but in the early 20th century it was very popular. In shtander has played in large groups, up to 20 people, gender and age did not matter. From equipment – only the ball before the balls were homemade, rag. This ball will not fly, and if you come on baby, won't do any harm.

Game rules are very intricate. Everyone stands in a circle, one player throws the ball up and calls the name of any player who needs the ball to catch. If this happened, he also throws the ball and calls the other player. This continues until, until someone fails to catch a thrown ball. In this case, all flee, and fished raises the ball, getting with him in the center of the circle and shouts: "shtander!", which means "Stop!" They all freeze on the spot, and the holder of the ball throws it to any player, no one can move. If caught – others diverge again, and the player try to pick up the ball and shouts: "shtander!" If the lead missed, he gets a penalty point and play starts over again from the centre. 3 penalty points – is out of the game.

In the other continue to play until there are four of the most agile and accurate. In the game many pitfalls. For example, the players want to quickly scatter out of the circle when one of them catches the ball. But if he will catch it and call your name, you will not be able to catch him, if you run too far. If all gone too far, it may be agreed to throw another pass. While the ball is in the air, all diverge again, and the one who passed the ball, catching it, screaming, "shtander!" and trying to get into someone else. Make shot from lead is optional, but it can stain you, and Dodge will not work.

Throughout the game often have to make strategic decisions.

"Halahala" 3266f1a447.jpg

Have halahala is a simplified version of the game shtander. Still stands in a circle, one player throws the ball up, calling the name of any player, for example, "Haligali Tanya". While the named player catches the ball, the rest run and stop on signal "Haligali stop!" Then it chooses one of the players and tells you how many feet.

The steps may be different: the simple, giant, midget, ant, umbrella (with a twist), camel (where diplomasi). Declaring the number and type of steps, it is sent to the selected player and touches it. If it turned out, I eliminated those who are touched, if not turned out, was out driving. The game continues until there are 3-4 people.

Another version was halahala – intellectual. It makes a word, the other players are in front of it and try to guess the word by asking questions which can be answered only "Yes" or "no". With every answer, it moves a step back. When the word is guessed, it throws the ball up and runs away. Called the word catches the ball and yells "Haligali stop!" Following this signal, it stops responding and determines the number of steps to him and trying to get. It – becomes driving, missed – it remains the same. published Author: Olga Borodina P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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