Igor Maltsev: Sharing aging in 50? As it is not so

Ninety eight million four hundred eight thousand four hundred seventy nine

photo: forbes.ru I would like to say at once — everything you read here has nothing to do with the fact that you told parents, lovers and newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in 1962. Of course, I would like you to feel comfortable, like babies, pisavsheesya in the Haggis. But it won't work. Everything I write in this blog, from my life and not yours.

Think now about 16 years and realized that still something I remember. Remember me even in his youth mangle, when about 35 year-old woman said, "she is already late." Remember how it was a shame that my peers in 40 years it looked old and felt the same way. And not only because it felt and led their parents, but also because the whole culture is a culture worshipping youth and beauty. Written off from the accounts of all victims to participate in the "House-2".In October I will be 53, and most of my life I felt like: "yesterday I was 16, and I don't remember." It is believed that the midlife crisis in men starts in middle age. Full delirium. Midlife crisis begins in men 25 years and have never let go. But who said that a crisis is bad? Any system, if it is viable, out of crisis comes an updated, well-adjusted, getting rid of non-core assets and from functional units.

Although it began much earlier than the participants "House-2" was even conceived. The cult of youth and physical perfection is a culture from the Nazi (and Communist, of course). And anything bad it would be if all other human instances were not considered at the same second-class citizens. Where someone is considered to be untermensch, there's definitely mischief.

For fifty years I have personally been unemployed (good-bye, "Kommersant"), with two children, grandson and wife, with whom he lived for 35 years.

There were, of course, and other input: six abdominal operations (this is when errors some doctors fix the other), absence of the anterior wall of the stomach, altered and blocked intestinal, plus the lack of multiple disks in the spine. By all appearances, Yes, it's a disability, and the 2nd non-working group. Once I passed examination and became a pensioner has received as many as 900 rubles. After the official salary of $ 4,000. But it turned out that is necessary every year to prove that you don't have half of the body (Yes, armless, legless also prove), and I was once already — I had to earn. So that the disability did not happen. More I the 900 rubles is not seen and hopefully will never see it. And you can live without the gallbladder. Just the process of alcoholism is a bit different.

A great psychological concept, designed, like everything else, in the West, read: now is the time when you need to develop an agenda of "joint aging". I don't really understand what it is, probably, the rejection of group sex on Saturdays, Smoking weed every day, drink whisky on Fridays and jumping from a tower? And although the word "aging" out of the mouth of my friend-a therapist I did not like, the General cultural situation whispered: "You old, you old, you old". Actually after that I do not want that agenda to be developed. I just want to strangle.


But last Saturday I went to the store, bought a iPad2 with colourful cover in time for my Red Wing boots, went to the Afisha picnic, listened for the second time in the life of Courtney Love (in ' 95 at the stadium of the Lakers as the opening act for Marilyn Manson she was gross, now a little better), love to hear new Liverpool team, The Wombats, surprise held a friend's daughter is on Zemfira — what is she doing in this dusty girl? Once again I feel younger than the young that we have to bear in head to prefer Zemfira cool and exciting The Wombats?

I wanted to attribute that gap was doing in the car sex with my girlfriend but I have a month so a sore arm, knocked out a wakeboard that this sounds already a bit too much. Just this is usually what happens — you never know when a person will fall passion? But the doctor told me to rest it and not even to steer.

Joint aging at 50? As it is not so. And as I will tell you further. In this blog.

I'll write here about how I re-comprehended her contact with the children, when I realized that I'm 50, and it's only slightly less than under 30.

As I stopped to see a grandson of another son and began to see him as a cool grandson. And then two more pulled up.

As he went to deal with the depression. And how psychoanalysis completely destroyed my family.

How did my first tattoo.

Wrote first novel.

Stopped drinking for booze and all that remained, I drink only for professional reasons.

I realized that to die early and there are plenty of undone and unwritten.

As we argued with her grandson who was better, Lennon or McCartney, after 46 years after the release of Hard Days Night.

I realized that I can love, and not because I'm killing myself all day at work.

As I understand it, that will never allow people to make me feel guilt — including about sex.

As I understand it, is that nothing is heartbreaking, and I normally want people scared of the approaching end, I have no need, because all that is necessary, I got to 50, and now we need only find harmony with yourself. published 


Author: Igor Maltsev

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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