We have no time to live…

Eighty nine million nine hundred nineteen thousand four

Today every person absolutely crazy pace of life. Always running somewhere, doing something, afraid that something they do not have time.

This was my life. All my actions and all my thoughts were under control email notifications, calls, my day was scheduled minute by minute. And I was trying to find enough time for all tasks in my schedule, but I do it not out.

Seven years ago I became a mother is an amazing girl, calm, carefree, and... rather slow. When we was going somewhere, she began to search in my purse for lipstick. When we were riding somewhere, she told me to fasten her favorite toy a seat belt in the car. If we were sitting in a cafe and tried to hurry lunch, she wound up the conversation with some woman across the street. If we walked together, she must be stopped to stroke a passing cat or dog.

I knew that my carefree child was a blessing to me. Every time the daughter tried to get me to break my tight schedule, I said, "we Have absolutely no time for this!". I kept saying only two dreadful words of my wonderful Cuban life: "hurry up".

I always customized it in everyday Affairs, saying, "Honey, we need to hurry, we're gonna be late", "Hurry get back in the tub and ran go to bed". And though these words were not adjusted daughter, I every day repeated them. I must be saying them even more often than "I love you".

But everything changed one day. My little daughter took her older sister from school and everything happened not as fast as the saw. Then she crossed her arms and said to the younger: "Well, you are slow!". I saw it myself, always hurrying and always dissatisfied — and something inside me broke. In that moment, I saw the light and realized, how rapid my lifestyle is harming my children.

I promised both daughters to be more patient. And kept his word. I stopped using the words "hurry" and "faster", was to allow the younger daughter to do everything at such a pace, as it seemed right. When she asked to stop to smell the flowers, I stood beside her and looked at his daughter. I carefully watched her slow movements and knew she was enjoying life.

And recently, my daughter and I walked and went to the cafe to eat ice cream. The little girl was admiring the people passing by, but suddenly I noticed the concern on her face, she asked, "Mom, we need to hurry?". My eyes filled with tears. I hugged her and said, "No, sweetheart, no need. Not hurry. Just take your time".

We chatted with her about everything, occasionally pausing and admiring the world around you. Suddenly the daughter handed me a spoonful of his ice cream and said, "Mommy, I saved it for you!". It was the last piece of her favorite ice cream. And at that moment I realized that I made the best deal in my life. In return for a modicum of my time my girl gave my last ice cream, Recalling that the food tastes better and life is nicer when we cease to run.

I say no more: "we Have no time for that!". After all, if you think it means: "we Have no time to live." One and the easiest way to live right is to stop, to forget about schedules and enjoy the simple pleasures of ordinary life. Believe me, it's true, because I learned about it from the main expert on the joys of life!

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