20 TEXTS from people who understand the essence of your relationship

Five million six hundred ninety two thousand four hundred eighty six

Relationships, especially romantic — it's damn difficult and important thing that concerns every person on Earth.

Site collected 20 TEXTS from people who know a lot about matters of love and family life. Funny, sarcastic and touching, they all are a great source of folk wisdom and good humor.

Seventy six million five hundred eighteen thousand six hundred eighty nine

Thirty six million four hundred ten thousand seven hundred eighty one

One million two hundred twenty two thousand two hundred thirty eight

Seventy four million nine hundred thirteen thousand four hundred thirteen

Sixty two million one hundred eighty four thousand eight hundred twenty

Eighty four million six hundred forty one thousand nine hundred eight

Ninety five million eight hundred sixty seven thousand five hundred two

Eighty five million one hundred ninety three thousand eight hundred ninety nine

Fifty eight million three hundred sixteen thousand four hundred forty nine

Forty million four hundred eighty seven thousand two hundred ninety two

Thirty three million four hundred seventy seven thousand eight hundred eighty two

Forty four million nine hundred ninety eight thousand eight hundred twenty three

Fourteen million eight hundred fifty seven thousand thirty two

Sixty nine million three hundred fifty seven thousand six hundred sixty two

Four million nine hundred twenty seven thousand eight hundred fifty

Seventy three million eight hundred seventy three thousand three hundred seven

Nine million nine hundred thirteen thousand six

Eleven million six hundred thirty nine thousand three hundred one

Seventy three million nine hundred eighty three thousand three hundred twenty eight

Seventy eight million six hundred twelve thousand nine hundred eighteen

Eighty four million seventy one thousand seven hundred forty seven

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