My dad used to get her way, even if not always fair…

Ninety seven million two hundred thirty eight thousand six hundred fifty four

My brother recently got married. Recently he and his wife went to see our parents for tea. His brother's wife, Tanya, asked our mom and dad:

— Why did you decide to name his son Oleg?

Mom, lost in pleasant memories, said:

— When he was born, my dad and I took three pieces of paper and wrote on them men's names. Then the papers are put in a hat, shuffled and pulled out one with the name Oleg.

— What are the names you wrote? — continued to pry Tanya.

— I personally wrote Sasha, Maxim and Stephan.

Dad silently listened to all this conversation and finally said:

I wrote Oleg, Oleg and Oleg.

Judging by my mother's astonished expression, this information she heard for the first time.



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