Exercises to improve the functioning of the endocrine system

"Your endocrine glands — the watchman and guardian of physical health and mental stability. Their secretion determines the chemical composition of the blood, and the blood in turn, determines your personality. For example, the lack of thyroid hormones can make you impatient, and you will be hard to stay calm.

To become a master of infinite consciousness within yourself, you have to teach your body to help you, not hinder. Prepare your endocrine system now so that the years of illness, fatigue could not violate the joy of the divine consciousness that you are creating".Yogi Bhajan

1. Lie on your back and cross feet in the ankles. Start to move my hips from side to side, with the head, upper body and feet remain in place. Try to perform the movement is static and does not bounce on the buttocks. The secret of exercise is to liberate the pelvis, making it more flexible. Run time of 2.5 min.

2. Lying on back, lift straight legs at an angle of 90°. Start to twist the legs so that each leg is described by your circle, but they both moved at the same time. The execution time of exercise — 3 min. the Effect of pose: improves blood circulation in the pelvic area and stimulates the ovaries. Women exercise is recommended for daily practice.

3. In the supine position: Connect the legs together and rotate them clockwise for 3 minutes, Not omitting the legs, put your hands up and continue the rotation of the hands and feet. First clockwise 21 times, then counter-clockwise 21 times. Lower legs and arms. Relax for 3 minutes This exercise activates the sex glands and the thymus (thymus gland), helping to preserve youthfulness.

4A. From the supine position raise your upper body and legs, the hands put under the buttocks. The body must resemble a boat. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

4B. Then tap the nose of the knees and return to starting position boats. Keep moving the legs up and down for 2.5 min. (a more Complicated version of this exercise — after each touch the nose to knee lie on your back). Exercise balances the brain.

5. Stand up on your feet, do a forward bend. Lean on your palms and feet slightly bend at the knees. Simultaneously raise left arm and right leg, then lower and raise your right hand and left leg. Continue to take turns to raise and lower the arms and legs 3 min exercise improves blood circulation, stretches the back surface of the hips and lower back, to balance the operation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, stabilizes the nervous system.

6. Sit on the floor with legs crossed and put your hands in the center of the chest, one hand covering the other. Rotate the torso from the hips (right to left) for 4.5 min. Exercise cleanses the liver.

7. Stand up, close your eyes and begin to dance. Go as you like, use any rhythm, but keep the body in balance. During the dance keep your eyes closed. Imagine that the whole world is dancing with you — it will be your meditation. Dance of 9.5 min.

8. Sit on the floor cross-legged, raise your hands above your head with fantastic fingers. Stretch up. Then start rotating the whole body and hands (right to left). Continue to move powerfully during 1 minutes, the Exercise is good for the spine and nervous system.



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