The adrenal glands — the source of vitality

The activity of the adrenal glands

The endocrine system performs the functions of the internal organs of the body. The adrenal glands are one of the organs of the endocrine system.

In ancient cultures it was believed that at the origin of life, the adrenal glands have powerful forces, and at the end of life, those forces leave.

Health of parents directly linked to the health of children if they are healthy, healthy kids. Old age and death of man depends on the vital forces of resistance, the consumption of these forces leads to death.

Chinese medicine believes that vital force is the source of filled with health and life vitality. According to Chinese healers, this is filled with the source of health and vitality are in the area of the adrenal glands.

The Chinese in ancient times believed that the source of life, in the adrenal glands, exposed to the cold. Traditional clothing of the Chinese provides the pads, they are placed in the kidneys and adrenal glands to protect them from the cold exposure.

If you remove or damage the adrenal glands results in instant death, it confirms their significance as necessary. In the hormonal system of the body included such a necessary part as the adrenal glands that produce numerous hormone.

It is believed that the adrenal glands affect the management of the inner world.

Control what adrenal glands?

1.The immune status is checked by adrenal glands. One of the main hormones of the adrenal gland is cortisone, while overproduction of cortisone, there is a weakening of the immune system. Immunosuppression increases the possibility of development of infectious and cancerous diseases. If the adrenals are depleted, the immune system is activated and does not return to its normal state, this leads to the development of autoimmune diseases.

2.Fluid and electrolyte balance is on a certain trajectory, where the deviation of equilibrium from the position of the trajectory occur muscle pain, disruptions in digestion, various spasms, lost the sharpness of the brain, deteriorating thinking.

3.Is the regulation of inflammatory reactions in the body. Hidden and severe inflammation accompany all of the disease. In violation of the activity of the adrenal glands, inflammation in the body can no longer be recorded. Swelling and chronic pain expressed the inflammation.

4.The adrenal hormones cortisone and melatonin, being produced by the pineal gland regulate sleep and wakefulness.

The formation of the relationship between cortisone and melatonin is identified with the motion of the swing. Activity of cortisol is highest in morning and lowest in the evening. Melatonin is highest in the morning, in the evening the lowest. This is their normal state.
If disturbed the rhythm during the day of cortisol, sleep is disturbed and Wake up becomes problematic.

5.The adrenal glands and pancreas function regulation of blood sugar level. During a break between eating foods the adrenal glands and remove unnecessary body glycogen in muscle tissues and liver. They support the required amount of sugar, safe for the brain. The adrenals in the full body apply a small force for the regulation of sugar levels.

When there is a sudden drop in sugar levels, the adrenal glands are forced to work harder, as they need to immediately produce the necessary amount for the body cortisone.

Blood sugar drops sharply, this phenomenon occurs when fasting, if used low-carbon products, as well as food containing sugar and starch in large quantity. Such food causes the release of insulin, and then, inevitably, a rapid drop in sugar. The adrenal glands tire of constant repetition of this process.

6.The functioning of the other hormones is under the control of the adrenal glands. The endocrine glands hormones are utilized depending on the necessary exposure to the adrenal glands. Other hormones aktiviziruyutsya under this condition, when the hormones of the adrenal glands will give them the opportunity to get deep into the necessary cell of the body.

So the adrenals are interfering in the functioning of the other endocrine glands if the thyroid hormones are poorly valid replacement therapy. Even a fairly small dosage of levothyroxine and other similar medications can manifest as symptoms of overdose. When substitution treatment can give an effective impact, it is necessary to constantly increase the dosage of the drug.

Symptoms of low thyroid function are often not different from the symptoms in case of insufficient function of the adrenal glands. So it is not necessary difference.

Before treat the disease of the thyroid gland first need to recover the state of adrenal glands.

As the patient the thyroid gland is closely linked with adrenal disease, we treated each weakened iron complex with the adrenal glands.

The relationship of the adrenal glands and other glands of the endocrine system is in controlling of the formation of sex hormones-borne ovaries and testes the adrenal glands. This transfer of sexual hormones starts to occur after thirty-five years of age. Provided that the adrenal glands perform other functions, with this age begin to show various dysfunctions of genital organs.

Why adrenal glands provided by nature is a lot of power and a lot of commitment?

The dominant activity of the adrenal glands is to ensure the survival of the organism. Any situation caused by the crisis, or the failure of balance that can lead to life threatening situation is called adrenal reaction to stress.

In the body is observed the release of cortisol, a hormone responsible for the stress response of the adrenal glands. The formation of fat in the abdominal cavity due to high levels of cortisone. Fat accumulation in the abdominal cavity themselves begin to function as an endocrine gland, that is, begin to produce cortisone. The suspension of stress-meaning is a vicious circle. Stress there are various motives, it is a very big stressor or many stressors are minimal, beyond all possibility of functioning of the adrenal glands.

Few are familiar with numerous factors leading to the defeat of the adrenal glands.

Stress and adrenal glands

A pronounced example of prolonged stress, this displacement of 200 000 people exposed to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The inhabitants of the surrounding areas were exposed to radiation were forced to leave their homes, leave their way of life and ancestral graves. Some residents came back and lives in the "dead zone". They decided that radiation will bring them less of a trauma than leaving their homes.

Comparing the health status of those who left forever and returned to the "dead zone" through two decades, it became clear that life expectancy was 10 years longer in those who remained in the area, despite the fact that the inhabitants of the "dead zone" was clearly expressed in the symptoms of radiation damage. The stress of radiation was less severe than the stress associated with separation from their homes.

The adrenal glands perform the function of protecting the body from stress. A lot of even very small stresses cause them exhaustion

Main causes of stress affecting the excess adrenal stamina.

• regular lack of sleep;

• faulty processes causing sleep and wakefulness caused by shift work or late desire to go to bed;

• too much emotional or physical in nature: problems of a financial nature, the need to care for a child or an old man;

• prolonged or severe illness.

It is noteworthy that the severity of the disease may be caused by damage to the adrenal glands, and adrenal weakness can occur due to the severity of the disease:

• acute and chronic infectious diseases and severe pain;

• surgical operations;

• treatment of teeth;

• different injuries;

• depression is unknown malfunction of the adrenal glands caused depression or Vice versa;

• the perception of situations that lead to rage, induce a state of fear, anxiety, guilt;

• effects on the body extreme cold or intense heat;

• constant exposure to different toxins;

• lack of vitamins and other nutrients in the diet;

• not the correct use of products: a large consumption of baked flour products, sugar, and a small consumption of vegetables;

• systematic desire to achieve more due to pereselenie its potential.

• allergic reaction caused by poor tolerance of certain foods.


Chronic inflammation of the intestine caused by poor quality and are perceived by the body products.The stress provoked by the adrenal glands, expressed increased levels of cortisone and insulin.

If you eat food, which improves sensitivity, easy to achieve excess weight, even if the foods have low caloric value and carbohydrate content.

Formed by chronic inflammation in the body caused by poor functioning of the adrenal glands causes intolerance products

— excessive use of caffeine and various sweets.

The adrenal glands respond to the body's stress reaction according to the principle "fight or escape". When the danger is an increase in the frequency of the heart, blood pressure, to increase blood supply to the heart, muscles and brain.

When this occurs, the blocking of the digestive system, the immune system and other organs, extreme unnecessary for salvation.

The mode of "fight or flight" is right for modern humanity much more often and longer than the calculated nature. Our ancestors in the distant past, not always met with wild animals. To restore the adrenal glands after a meeting with a wild animal they had a lot of time. The civilized world is built so that a person has the "fight or flight" at ten, and often a hundred times a day.

Who can have the adrenal glands functioning well?

Exhausted adrenal glands, which are an essential organ for survival, affect the state of immunity, endocrine glands and other organs. Often nobody thinks about the adrenal glands.

The cortisonewhich is a stress hormone that causes the destruction of protein in the human body. This causes destruction of the tissue of the muscles and decreases the density of the tissue in the bones. Cortisone takes away the proteins of the tissues of the muscles and bones, so they moved to sugar.

If obtained from protein body sugar not used for energy, it is deposited in the tissues as fat. The result is due to the transition of proteins from muscle tissue into sugar, because of the continuous stress, the muscle tissue of the hands and feet disappear, and the waist deposited of fat.

Heightened cortisol levels helps to ensure that many people are not able to lose weight, despite eating high-protein foods. The reason for this is that the influence of hormones on fat-burning is blocked by the cortisone, the hormone responsible for stress. The body being in a stable mode, working on survival, accumulates energy reserves in the waist.

Stress causes vascular spasm of the skin is a defensive reaction of the adrenals to the probability of getting trauma bleeding.

People exposed to constant stress, the skin quality is not satisfactory.

Sudden penetrating pain in the lumbar region, it is a warning signal of severe lesions of the adrenal glands.

It is not necessary to wait until the defeat of the adrenal glands, it is necessary at this time to analyze the causes of stress and to provide normal work of adrenal.published



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