Young Asian woman painting a wall blue, but not to the ceiling... the Result? Prank for the sake of beauty!

Recently it seemed to me that painting the walls with their hands — a thankless task. Is it possible to do it yourself, but still quite inexperienced in the repair business person?

There are numerous ideas that will transform a wall in the house magically. Very little effort is expended, and the result is like a fairy tale. One of these bright ideas — the gradient painting of the walls, in the style of Ombre. Look how good it is!

Painting the walls in quartermile need
  • paint rollers with stand
  • a brush with stiff bristles
  • a brush with soft bristles
  • adhesive paper tape
  • 3 buckets of paint of different colors

This is a sample set of materials for painting walls in the technique of Ombre. Here's what you can learn from those Asian girls!

The process
  1. The first step is to wipe the walls from dust and stick paper tape on corners.

  2. Top leave the wall white, paint over the wall one of the shades of the primary colors, the light.

  3. Mix white paint with a base tone to shades of varying degrees of saturation.

  4. Divide the wall into 4 pieces visually. The lower part is painted the darkest shade.

  5. The most difficult thing is to make the transitions between shades of paint inconspicuous and neat. But using light movements of the roller is possible, do not be afraid!

Here is how the miraculous transformation of the wall! I would like a wall in purple tones. The time will come, and I will realize your dreams...

Inspiring examples
  1. I think the design of the room has a calming effect...

  2. How tenderly!

  3. Suitable for those who are not afraid of bold experiments with the interior.

  4. Heavenly shades of...

  5. Noble bottle color.

  6. Mix several colors? Why not...

  7. Juicy and bright!

Home — a place where the soul can rest. Hope you liked these ideas, this touching beauty of the most ordinary walls: that is what color! Show your friends what a painting in the style of Ombre.

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