Noble blue in the interior is a luxurious and intriguing

Blue has a huge variety of shades: light and dark, warm and cold.

Today we will talk about luxurious and noble deep blue tones: mysterious and intriguing shades of night and the deep sea.

Use deep blue color in the interior should be carefully and well thought out. Blue tones love the sun and natural light. So feel free to use it in rooms with Windows facing South, Southeast or southwest. Shady room, not lit by direct sunlight and color facing North, the blue color can make cold and dreary.


If you decided to use deep blue hues in decorating the walls, then it should be done, oddly enough, in a small room. Visually the boundaries will dissolve, as if in the gloom of night, and the room will look chamber, and cozy. This technique is suitable for offices, small bedrooms, libraries.

Do not use dark blue in a large number in spacious rooms — you can create the oppressive and gloomy atmosphere. Avoid dark colours in favor of sky blue, light turquoise, lavender. Bright saturated shades of blue will fit in this case, contrasting accents: Ottomans, chairs, curtains, pillows, paintings.

Using dark blue colors in design of the apartment, pay special attention to proper artificial lighting. Create a comfortable diffused light through a combination of ceiling lamps or halogen lamps with floor lamps and sconces. Neutralize the cold blue and warm light of the table lamps and candles.

Use blue in any room of your interior:

— the living room will make an attractive and stylish blue sofa, chairs, decor, paintings;

— dark blue kitchen combined with white trim and decor — a great alternative to the more contrasting black.

blue is a lovely color for the bedroom like no other give a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere for comfortable rest and sleep;

blue perfect for a nursery, especially if you beat the marine theme or to combine warm colors with bright, cheerful blue contrasts;

and Yes, it is blue, symbolizing the sea is the perfect color for the bathroom.

1. The classic combination of blue with white creates a feeling of freshness and lightness. White color perfectly sets off any blue shades from cobalt and Indigo to azure blue and turquoise.

This combination is reflected in the nautical theme, suitable for bathroom, nursery or interior summer house.

Absolutely amazing looks blue in combination with white in all the prints and patterns: Gzhel, Breton stripes, diamonds and zigzags in art Deco style, French provincial prints, blue and white painted pottery, popular in many countries around the world — from China to Portugal.

2. Warm sand and beige shades are the perfect complement to blue, making it warmer.

3. The blue color is the perfect complement to the shades of yellow and orange. While warm tones should be combined with warm. And cold with cold. This contrasting combination creates extraordinary interiors in eclectic style.

4. Fans of the bold colors can combine blue with red, pink, fuchsia. These colors intensify the richness of the blue. This contrasting combination is suitable for creative people, not afraid of experiments.

5. Perfectly combined the blue with all shades of brown.

6. Blue as the true natural color (the color of the sky, sea and wildflowers), blends perfectly with the tree. Noble and elegant interior creates a combination of blue with rich wood colors: dark walnut, cherry, chestnut, teak, mahogany, dark oak.

7. Expensive and stylish looks against the blue tones of the Golden and silver decoration, creating a refined atmosphere in the art Deco style.

8. Interesting dynamic mix creates a combination of various shades of blue color: Royal blue with blue, azure, turquoise, purple, and gray.

Also interesting: the Lavender color in interior design

All shades of red— the interior design for the most energetic


I hope these examples will help you to use the blue color in the interior of your apartment. Do not be afraid of bright colors — they make our lives more interesting and varied! published




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