How to destroy a girl

About how to destroy girls. Well, for girls it is useful to know if they are ruining that and ruining it at all, or so went out to walk.

The first of these destroyers. If you are a destroyer, your main weapon is the word. Basically, if you're proficient in word, things to do. If it is bad the beginning of this evil it takes to do things.


Cases in pre-lost girls are allowed two. The following:

1. Flowers, bouquets, baskets and so on. If you are a true destroyer, the trump course will be on the background of these bouquets once in all the history of evil brought the girl a bouquet of daisies (the flower Mart near the house prepared to throw out) and I'll narwhal.

It is not "brought", not "collected" and clumsy, a male "narwhal".

Where, when, why, narwhal — the girl probably won't even think about. She will look at you with wide eyes. You were already a bit loose, already slightly bald, academically educated, fairly wealthy, Smoking a pipe, arrogant and indifferent — suddenly crawling on all fours for her. Tore.

Sluggish bunch of very you advance.

If you after six months from the beginning of the regime of evil will bring the girl in one crumpled chocolate candy "cornflower", it will be very good. It would be a mistake to give her lavish sets and order oysters! That way you will not waster, a spendthrift, and you can be suspected of generosity. You come here not to love it come and kill it off, so remove the ice bucket. Cost.

That is to say, the necessary maximum. Nothing more to do! If you're doing something, it will not be a destruction, a novel! So put away your credit card, get everywhere the hands and sluggishly sit back. Continue.

Generally, all that is required of you — it's good to keep a pause, and in the intervals between them speak a little, slowly, but meaningfully.

For example:

I'm so unhappy, Olga.

On Olina questions to be silent and sad smile. Then attract her to him with the words "I can't tell you, baby, don't you know". Perform this trick consistently and literally. Do not wear the gag, not sigh and roll up your eyes. If you ruin the girl remote access, shut up for 15 minutes. If you in Skype in the camera, tell them that you have dropped your mood and you will go to sleep. Turn off the camera, Skype, but after a few minutes turn it on again, silent and has no answer. It drives you crazy.



So. About "unhappy" say? This is a prelude that sets the tragic tone of the planned history. Then, a few weeks later, you say:

— We're meant to be together. Natural, genetically, at depth. I just know it.

And look her in the eye. Not hug and kiss. On the contrary, if she will rush to the chest and hold gently but firmly. Remote access: you need to report — I went to have a smoke or pour yourself a Cup of tea (if you don't smoke). Type, worried.

Let's move on. Populatemenu in relations the main thing — to determine their status. No way. Neither relationship status nor your. It's complicated. I'm so unhappy, Olga. I don't want you to know, girl.

Next. This gabelica need to many conversations.

You need to talk about the past, talking about yourself a little, and asking about it, a little.

Talk about the future, using the subjunctive: "I have a dream to go to Mauritius. You'd love it". "I'm sure if you knew my mom, you would have found a common language" (note, this is possible only if the mother is already in the best of worlds).

Further, in your conversations should regularly occur, an indefinite personal sentences: "I believe that the family must have at least three children. And all so beautiful as you." "It would be great in the morning to Wake up... in the house with views of the sea."

So, it took some time, and Olga in your pocket. She thinks you love her (intended), what are you lot doing for her (chamomile) that you spoil her (brought candy as a child, cute, cute!), what you build on her plans (Mauritius), and that you make plans for a future together (house with sea views and a shared children).

Meanwhile, you have not said or done nothing that would after impute blame you. Now read carefully: you didn'T invite her to Mauritius, you are offered to introduce her to mom, you don'T want children from her, and even like her, you said such as beautiful as she is! About the house on the sea at all funny — no matter what you say it is, waking up with her and stretching sweetly. You didn't say what you want to Wake up in this house with her. She is framed in the place where the dot is.

(Yes, dear citizens of men. If you are lost mainly via the remote or write a lot of SMS, please be mostly literate. A lot of mistakes in words can cause tenderness only in the later stages. Have nedohybchenko girl it usually causes laughter and frigidity. If you are dyslexic and disgraphic, avoid scribbling at all, it will ruin the whole effect of the evil).

Well, if you are diligent, competent, sophisticated destroyer, then proceed to the next stage.

Stop her to have sex. And even kissing. If you have any questions, and they will arise soon... not just say, "I wouldn't want to talk about it. This is a difficult topic for me".

No doubt, she would be horrified. And not because you suddenly become impotent. And the fact that she touched the most painful for men theme. Canvas, so to speak, boot. On the delicate foreskin. History knows cases when the girl is terrified at 6-9 years. In absolute celibacy, swallowing all that will hold up under sauce "It is a difficult topic for me".

I swear. It's a case of artful evil, not to everyone under force.

If you absolutely have decided to bring the case to the end, leave her to sleep in the same bed, even naked, you go with her on vacation, but you can't touch her. All the questions repeat – "I'm so unhappy, Olya," and "This is a difficult topic for me".

All voila. You may even want to marry her, if you prefer, but if you stick to the rules of a slow-moving bunch, mint candy, complex themes, and thus to repeat the "We were meant for each other," she has not come off. If something escalates, tell stingily — "sometimes I so badly miss you, kid." Don't forget to forget about her birthday.


Marital lottery

Why are we so often do NOT UNDERSTAND each other

Dear girls, if you all this or similar is happening, congratulations — you are ruining. Not everyone is so fortunate. Not everyone will be able to say a year later or five years — he has ruined my years! He ruined my life!

If you are not very confident in the talents of his destroyer, replace it with the same, but married — the lost years to you is really secured.published


Author: Yulia Rubleva




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