"That" woman

After the divorce, you are surrounded by a circle of people involved in your life directly or indirectly. Speaking of "in your life", I mean your personal private women's life, not your ex-family. These people sometimes are like the players on the field, whom you own hands gave the ball — his mental balance. Inexperience, helplessness or shock. These people are not your family members, even if the mother-in-law or mother. They're a stranger. And in the first place is THAT woman.

My sister once said: "Julia, no man thought of her as much as you." She was right.

Honestly, this was the first opponent in my life. I haven't mastered by the time any of the women's protection: instead of screaming "and the teeth at her like a horse!" (well, for example), I constantly gave her a set of excellent qualities. She was older than me for 12 years (she was 41 or 42), and therefore, smarter, and more experienced in sex.

She was a long time ago some kind of transfer on local TV, and therefore, the beauty of which is not enough. She's rumored to had a nose aquiline, but it is so delicious. I've never seen her before. From time to time someone from the friends of her husband had talked, and I understood that I saw her come on to him, breathless with terror, and they described it to me as he could. Long black hair. Curly... Painted... High...

I was dying from self-obrazuemogo nothingness. Her career... She must be good in bed... very beautiful... her long legs... she's always right... etc etc!!! It was at that time a teacher of French. Oh, how I turned my life, some unexpected sides, and then I was jealous of her and even to Paris.

But. I disdain (and this has not changed until now) to go "look", I thought it beneath my dignity to peek around the corner. In General, all of the shares in relation to the opponent I think is a terrible babysmart, market habalstvo and a complete loss of face. Keep in mind.

It was a stranger in your though ex, but family. The sense of family and the division into "friend or foe" I have developed thorough. I few people allowed into the house, and even less familiar with the family. Yes, your own husband now, perhaps, considers her family. But your task is to save what is left, intact.

He — his, she - a stranger. Point. (feel like a Jewish mother).

I never did call her. Just didn't recognize the phone number. (Just like never climbed on the pockets and the phone numbers of my husband and my daughter). My head did not come. I had nothing to say to her. It was my family and my game, and I lost it and she's in on it.

I knew about it only the name and profession. And masochistic, dying from the pain, looked on the street tall black-haired women.

In General, long cat's tail pull won't, my deceased husband, I lived with her for three days. Then moved out to a rented apartment. And then he began the dance of the women. But I was really scared because they had a "serious relationship". It seemed to me. I now, gain experience and watching friends, you know that it was bad enough. Relationship with a married man is hell. He, having gone from me, never came to her. She probably was very disappointed. I would have died. And perhaps they begin to have complications. In short, he cheated. But this I have not touched.

Girls, I strongly advise you not to invest in the relationship with your husband, and rival the time and effort. Every time, when writing to her imaginary or real letter, calling her, setting up showdowns, you pour in their relationship in the flow of its energy. Give their relationship the significance of which there may not be. I understand that some sixth instinct, is most similar to master. Hurt a lot of honor, I told myself and others that offered me "something". And I myself bullied nose.

Well, then — think. He feels any woman who took or almost took the man at the other, seeing your red nose and smeared snot? But if you her hair is still going to fight — Oh!!! She won. And you lost face. And your husband is going to explode from happiness because of him women fight!!! Ugh. Fights horns Express males.

What else can I say... the Opponent — they are ordinary women. The same as you. She may have a brilliant career or special skill to boil the soup, because she's quiet and broody. There, on the other side, always turns out to be something quite unexpected. She has the exact same vulnerable spots as you. Perhaps, it is exactly the same once the husband has left to another. And cellulite worse. Don't hang on her all the dogs.

Because it is a check box, signifying the threat of the destroyed area. It is not the cause but the consequence. First to destroy something you have. Then something built from them. Of serrated this sequence and get away from this woman.

Men, unhappy in family life, are calculated at once. To sit up late at work. They have not abandoned the preppy look and tired eyes. They dream of, excuse me, snuggle up to someone warm and affectionate who will not be cut optional - feed and would be thrilled to have sex with them.

And you — grumpy wife. And for sure you fat, you dullness and fading on the head Koudelka. Or you cheerful, smart workaholic with a manicure, fitness and cool in look. FIE on you.

You know, everything is actually very simple. Let's go there, where there is no sex. Even if technically it is, but you are serving it as a duty. Sex should be a joy. And happiness. It is the best indicator of relations between a man and a woman. All the other relationship — support, total budget, unanimity in the education of children, a cozy house — you can build with any of your relative.

And I will say a very subversive idea. I strongly suspect that women are kicked out by their husbands. Subconsciously. Like cover some important faucet, the flow of heat, sensuality and energy. Goes the tenderness. Goes joy. Takes attraction.

You are friends and long conversations talk to your husband? Would be better if you paused and gave him a nice prepares it to the wall in the alley. You are all the time with the kids? to leave, to walk away? They are so lovely, and without them you are bored and like something was wrong. This is a dangerous symptom! Your pair lost the status of the pair. And this status should be first and foremost. Paired two people and not call them mom and dad, and a man and a woman.

Well, how did it end with this theme I have... three years Later, when it's all gone and not remembered, I was asked to pass on local television. My gear under me. I spent a couple of records and refused. Then I almost married a Frenchman and I were in Paris not as a tourist. So one by one my amazing destiny blew away the ashes of my complexes and reasons for envy. Because I was so broken up over the transmission and because of my beloved France!

A little before all these events, the husband returned to me and offered a hand, heart, and platinum rings.

However, by the time I've forgotten this woman's name.

Kidding. Her name I will always remember. It is then catalpol merged into a single string, and I had immunity.

A year after her husband's return, when I realized that nothing is glued, I got up this morning and got one phone number, please note, could gain from the beginning of the story. Then I became still, and I wanted to KNOW why I was killed.

2 hours later I lay on the table her picture and biography. The paper looked at me a little overweight ordinary woman, lovely in moderation. I was very upset that my fairy tale of a powerful rival was zilch.


For women who sleep with married men, there is a special place in hell

Don't worry! YOUR train you will not go anywhere


The theme of outsiders is extensive, but the problem "how to treat rival" the a burning. I decided it that way. And consider it necessary in this situation to maintain the dignity. Don't know any stories with plucking hair and mudslinging that would have ended well. Your husband does again will receive a confirmation of his innocence, that nearly took the legs from hysteric.

Now I would put her monument. Your personal monument, because she was beautiful, not too easy opponent, never contacted and never received my husband. And I have changed the whole life for the better. So this post can be considered a monument to this worthy in every way to the woman. published


Author: Yulia Rubleva


Source: ulitza.livejournal.com/tag/%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B7%D0%B2%D0%BE%D0%B4


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